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Student Spotlight Honey Scowen

Hello! My name is Honey Scowen and I am a current Master’s student studying with BMIHMS at Torrens University. It is my absolute pleasure to be the BMIHMS Post Graduate Marketing Ambassador. My hope is to be able to share my experiences and passion for the hospitality industry, keeping you all informed and engaged.  Read more
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Changwon Yang

I recently say down with Changwon Yang in between our busy timetable of lectures and completing our assessments to talk about his recent industry placement in Korea. Changwon shared with me his experiences as a Banquet Attendant and how his first two terms at Leura Campus helped prepare him for his placemat.  Read more
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Marketing Ambassador – Hayley Ko

During school vacations my family used to stay at various hotels in Korea when on holiday. When staying in each hotel, I was always impressed with the service that the hotel staff provided and their kindness toward my family.  Read more
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The Tales of An Event Manager in Training

Planning and coordinating an event, requires extensive organisation, interpersonal and multitasking skills. For International Event Management student, Mafe Prieto Gaitan, a career in the event management industry presents the opportunity to experiment with creative skills, meet new people, and orchestrate successful events from start to end.  Read more
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South Pacific Boutique Resort Generates Unique Industry Experience

For many, the thought of switching career paths can be daunting. But for Markus Loh, the transition from engineer graduate to hospitality student, sparked the discovery of his true calling. Having worked in a two Michelin star restaurant in his birthplace of Singapore, Markus developed a passion for cooking, serving and the culinary arts.   Read more
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Pursuing A Career in Event Management – Patrycia’s Journey

One of the core advantages of studying hospitality management for many, is the ability to take their qualifications with them all over the world. For Patrycia Wanda, studying hotel and then event management with Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) at Torrens University, lead her to venture throughout the asia-pacific region.   Read more