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China Ready Training

Are You China Ready?

The CHINA READY® Program is an education platform designed to enable people in business to prepare for and excel in respect to an emerging and influential market – the Chinese tourist.

This program equips BMIHMS students with cultural insights and understanding – essential for successfully engaging with Chinese traveler.

Our students are invited to develop their cultural and international business acumen through attending a China Ready® Accredited session run by accredited trainers. Integrated to embrace the economic growth in Asia, this opportunity is particularly prevalent to those studying and planning to work in the Asia-Pacific region.

BMIHMS is running CHINA READY® Program each term in addition to regular classes for current students, alumni and members of the public to enable them to perform better in business and to be better hoteliers! This program is part of BMIHMS’s commitment to making their students as employable as possible on graduation.

BMIHMS CHINA READY® Program is under license with the Chinese Government.

DATES for 2016: 

Term 1:
16 February  

Term 2:
26 April

Term 3:
19 July

Term 4:
11 October

Enquiries please email:

BMIHMS runs these CHINA READY® Program externally and more information can be obtained from the China Ready Accredited website. Additionally, BMIHMS also provides China Ready & Accredited services as part of our hospitality consulting programs.