Alumni Spotlight: Nathan Frost General Manager of Novotel Canberra


If graduating students are feeling anxious about life after graduation these tips are designed for you. Nathan Frost has put into perspective what the current hotel industry is looking for and how you can adhere to be a part of it.

As a graduate of the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School and further graduating through the Accor Hotels’ National Management Trainee Program, Nathan has since held key operational roles throughout his career and notably taking ibis Adelaide to being Australia’s top budget hotel in 2015.

Nathan gives hospitality students coming to the end of their journey with BMIHMS at Torrens University five key points to get them started.

  1. You are connected to the world; embrace your ability to connect. Everything is online and there are simply no excuses to attention an application letter to the incorrect person or have incorrect information on it; it will simply not be looked at.
  1. Learn about the business you are applying to or the people that are interviewing you. One of my first questions I ask an applicant is what they know about the hotel or company and nothing disappoints me more when they either start guessing or have no clue at all. Do your research. Don’t you want that job, that new role?
  1. Take opportunities that will assist in your development. Always ensure that you are in the front of mind with senior team members. This will only occur from performance. When opportunities come up, you should be the first person they think of.
  1. Be mobile and prepared to move across different departments, brands and hotels. The only true way that you can experience these things is being mobile. It is frustrating on many levels as a GM when you know that there are large amounts of talent in say, NSW.  We open a hotel in another state or a position comes up in another state and the people that have the experience that we have trained are not willing to move.  It actually upsets me because we do not want you to move for the sake of moving, we want you to move to further develop you.
  1. Wow your guest, because if you don’t someone else will! How you look after guests is now critical to the business. Bad reviews or lack of response can have a severe impact on your business. A complaint in the past was a letter sent to the GM (only).  These days, a complaint is instant and it is no longer between the complainant and the GM but the GM and the world.

Thank you Nathan

(Joshua White, International Hotel and Resort Management student)

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