Academic Profile: Mr Frawley, A Man Filled With Passion, Desire & Hunger

Passion – working within an industry that will captivate your interest for a lifetime.

Desire – a genuine craving to delight others.

Hunger – aspiration to be charmed and amused by a million experiences

Lecturer, Mr. Tom Frawley is the perfect example of a man that possess these three qualities. This week I gained some insight into the professional behind some of our favourite subjects – Food & Beverage Management and Control, and Food & Beverage Operations. Discussing numerous topics, including the story behind Mr Frawley’s initial interest in hospitality, his experiences before becoming a lecturer, and his predictions for the future of the industry.

Mr. Frawley’s passion for food and beverage can be traced back to his experiences at home as a child. He remembers it was a passion that came from his family, and started with a jam roly-polly – the first sweet he learned how to cook.

He describes it as “a sheet of pastry, filled with jam and sugar, rolled up and baked. My mum would teach me how to cook while my sisters spent time watching TV.” 

As an adult, Mr. Frawley’s interest in food, wine, entertainment and adventuring have been continued to be nourished. Eventually becoming his career, upon graduating from BMIHMS.

A career that has taken him through various experiences within the F&B sector of hospitality, including roles as a restaurant manager, sommelier, butler, and recipe developer.

When asked what was his most memorable career experience to date, Mr. Frawley replied,

“I used to work for Donna Hay Magazine, contributing to the development of cookbooks, magazines, and newspapers. I enjoyed the experience as recipe developer the most. It was all about utilising your creative abilities to design menus that people could cook at home.”

His journey with Donna Hay Magazine has provided him with a plethora of great stories and memories. Perhaps the fondest one being getting caught once at work eating pastry whilst on set for a photo shoot.

Laughing, Mr Frawley reminisces “We were taking pictures of savoury pastry, and were not really happy with the results we were getting. I was then instructed to utilise only the filling and place it on a new pastry, getting rid of the pastry we were using before. So, I went to the kitchen we had at the studio and decided to give it a try.”

“Upon my return, I had crumbs all over my face! Which the crew quickly pointed out making fun of the situation”.  

Similarly, he has the same spontaneity and excitement when he describes the art of wine tasting during lectures.

In the future, Mr. Frawley plans on completing his PhD on restaurant strategy. He predicts that the industry will see a continued breakdown in formalities that will make service increasingly casual, foreseeing technological impact on the workforce as solely positive.

As for the present, he indicates hamburgers and craft beer as continuing current trends. Perhaps two things that he himself is quite fond of… recommending “Burger Head” in Penrith, and “Stone and Wood Pacific Ale”.

Until next time… Adriana – Marketing Ambassador

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