8 Reasons Why You Should Come to Open Day

Our next Open Day is coming up on Saturday, September 8th. This is a perfect opportunity for potential undergraduate students and their families to visit our Leura Campus, ask questions, understand course requirements and get a real feel for the environment you’ll be learning in. Here are 8 reason why we’d love to see you at Open Day.


 1. Attend an Information Session

Start your day at Leura Campus with an engaging Information Session. Meet passionate lecturers, Success Coaches, and Course & Career Advisors. They will explain what makes BMIHMS and Torrens University unique, why our specialist degrees are held in high regard by the hospitality industry worldwide, the career opportunities that will be available to students upon graduation, and how BMIHMS prepares students for a successful career from their first day of study. 


 2. Take a Personalised Campus Tour

Leura Campus has so much to offer! Commonly referred to as our ‘Practical Learning Centre’, this campus is home to all BMIHMS undergraduate students in their first and second year of study. Set on six hectares of landscaped gardens, Leura Campus consists of a simulated hotel – complete with front office, housekeeping, three restaurants and kitchens, lecture rooms and library. As a residential campus, coming along to Open Day will allow you to see what it is like to live on campus, visiting student rooms, study hubs, and the numerous sports and recreation facilities.

Adjacent to our simulated hotel is our real hotel – Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort. You will hear throughout your tour how the hotel will become your live training classroom once you have mastered the essentials, working with real guests.

 3. Participate in a Personal Branding Workshop

 When you study with Torrens University, you will be allocated a dedicated Success Coach from your first day. Your Success Coach will provide you with career guidance, help prepare you for industry placement, and prepare you for success in the classroom. They are your go to person for any assistance or advice you need.

Coming along to Open Day will allow you to partake in a Personal Branding Workshop with our Leura Success Coaches. They will help you to understand what a personal brand is, decide what your own personal brand says and means about you, and how important your brand is when focusing on your career ahead. 

 4. Create Delicious Mocktails

 One of the most creative and delicious aspects of working in hotels or managing events is definitely working across food and beverage. Get hands on with this fun workshop where you will learn all the tricks needed to blend your own smooth mocktail. Using local and native ingredients, our food and beverage extraordinaire, Ashley, will take you on an insightful journey as she outlines common methods and techniques, on trend flavor profiles and the importance of learning how to work in a bar environment as a future leader.

 5. Enjoy a Complementary Lunch

 After an informative morning exploring campus, relax and recharge with a complementary lunch hosted by our Event Management students. You will enjoy a themed lunch with matching menu in our restaurant space. The perfect opportunity to chat with your future classmates.

 6. Ask Questions

 In addition to Open Day being the perfect opportunity to explore campus and visualise what life will be like as a student, you can ask all those questions you have been saving up. You will be able to speak with current students, lecturers, Success Coaches, applied learning instructors, and Course & Careers Advisors. There is no such thing as a silly question, and everyone at Open Day will be more than happy to sit down and answer away. Choosing where to study is a big decision, and we understand that you will have questions.

 7. Apply for Scholarships

 We have numerous scholarships available to Australian students. These include Three Pillar, Industry, Indigenous, and Alumni Scholarships. Also available for regional NSW students is the $20,000 AHA Scholarship. In your information pack will be further details. Be sure to apply during the day and lodge your form for consideration.

Scholarships are awarded to students who have a strong passion for hospitality, exhibit the values of a future leader and are motivated to succeed both academically and in the industry. Each scholarship awarded will provide financial assistance for students as they commence university life.

 8. Treat Yourself to a Weekend Away

As you know, we have our very own hotel at Leura Campus where students learn and work as part of their studies. This hotel is open to the public. Why not make your trip to the Blue Mountains a weekend away, and stay at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort. Stay at the hotel on Friday and Saturday with a B&B package and receive a 20% discount as an Open Day guest. Use the code OPEN DAY to redeem when booking.

Open Day is such an exciting and fun day! We hope you can make it along on Saturday, September 8th at Leura Campus. Click here to register.


Campus will open at 9am for registrations, with the main information session starting off the day at 9.30am. See you there!

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