3 Quick Facts You Need to Know About the Marriot / Starwood Merger (and why it’s good for BMIHMS students)

Source: Marriott, 2018

This month, the loyalty program side of the huge Marriot / Starwood merger that everyone’s been talking about will come into effect. If you’re working in the hotel business, you need to know a few facts on what this means for customers and the industry.

  1. Two giants just became the biggest goliath of them all

 The merger of Marriott International, Inc. and Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. has created the biggest hotel company in the whole world. Marriot has acquired Starwood and all it’s holdings, which means Marriot now has 6500 properties with over 1,200,000 rooms available in 127 countries.

The merger has increased Marriott’s market share significantly in some locations. For example, they’ve now cornered 50% of the hotel market in Minneapolis, 48% in Mexico, and 46% in Los Angeles.

Source: Marriott 2018

  1. The August merger brings the loyalty programs together

Loyalty programs involve thousands of customers and complex systems, so bringing them together into one unified system is no easy feat. This enormous loyalty program across three brands (Marriott, Ritz Carlton and Starwood) has just become the biggest of its kind!

Marriot has managed to do this in a way that has left most customers satisfied.

They’ve allowed the ‘Starwood Preferred Guest’ (SPG) program to maintain brand independence, but all SPG points will become Marriott reward points, as of this month.  They’re continuing the Starwood airline points program, and simplifying the redeeming points system for hotel stays. The good news for customers: all your rewards now work across each brand. See details here.

  1. What the merger will mean for the future of Marriott

 Although market insecurity meant an immediate drop in share prices, the post-merger Marriott has since received a positive investment rating of ‘B-‘. Analysts are confident in the strength of the company, because of it’s high rate of growth and market share. So, all signs are looking good for Marriott’s future after the merger, despite the pressure put on the hotel industry by Airbnb.

Why is this good news for Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) Students?

Source: Marriott 2018

If you haven’t already heard of the Graduate Privileged Partners Program at BMIHMS, then you’re about to discover an exclusive opportunity.

The Graduate Privileged Partners (GPP) Program is a competitive recruitment program you can only access as a student of the Blue Mountains School. The program connects the highest achieving second year students with a select group of industry partners. Every student who successfully completes this program is offered a position.

Luckily for BMIHMS students, Marriott is one of these select industry partners.

Having connections to an expanded ‘post-merger’ Marriott is an incredible opportunity for Hotels and Management graduates, for these two reasons.

Marriott is now the biggest hotel brand in the world, so there are endless opportunities to advance your career.

Source: Marriott, 2018

Not only can you apply for work in different locations across the world, there are many different types of positions to fill. You can climb the ladder or try a different position, while never having to leave the company. It’s stability and predicted growth as a large company means you have greater job security into the future, too.

Marriott is one of the best international hotel chains to work for.

It recently came in at #35 of Fortune’s list of ‘100 best companies to work for,’ and came in at an incredible #4 of Fortune’s ‘100 best companies for women to work for.’

Why do employees love working for them so much? Mainly because of the caring company culture, and the benefits to long-term employees. One employee told Fortune that they feel “treated as individuals and not one large machine,” and they love the company’s commitment to diversity.

See here for more information on studying International Hotel Management at BMIHMS, and see here for a full list of industry partners and information on the GPP.

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