4 Unforgettable Fine Dining Experiences in Melbourne (and the Chefs Behind Them)

It takes considerable work to make a restaurant stand out in one of the most internationally renowned capital cities of cuisine. With so many talented chefs in Melbourne, competition is fierce.

Even so, there are a few creative restaurateurs whose exquisite cookery and carefully designed atmosphere make their establishment stand out from the crowd.


This gem in a back lane in Melbourne sports an exquisite menu designed by head chef, Ben Shewry, originally from New Zealand. This humble and minimalist, ‘white tablecloth’ design turns all your attention on the food. Shewry has spared no trouble in making each dish a completely unique experience across textures and flavours.

The cuisine explores otherwise overlooked native Australian flavours and ingredients and dish has been given a quirky Australian title, e.g  ‘An Imperfect History of Ripponlea’ A visit to this restaurant is a must-do for anyone interested in contemporary Australian fine dining.

The Attica menu:

This spread it set (with a separate option for vegetarians) at $275 per person, with the option for matching wines. With treats like Hand Picked Crab and Wattle Bread Red Kangaroo with Truganini, there is no way that you could pass up such an amazing culinary experience.


No list of top fine dining restaurants in Melbourne is complete without Ezard. It was originally started by visionary chef, Teage Ezard, who is also the founder of nearby restaurant, Ginger. Now, the kitchen is run by head chef Jarrod Di Blasi.

Ezard was founded on a blend of contemporary Australian and Asian flavours, and is now leaning towards a distinctly Japanese taste. Each dish tastes as though it has taken months to perfect, and, it has.  The soy, sesame and finger lime sauce paired with the kingfish apparently took two years to develop.

It’s not just the incredible, well-developed menu that impresses customers but the service is also impeccable. The modern design of the space perfectly complements the sleek and refined the dishes.

Some favourites from the menu:

Blue eye, fermented onion, pancetta, cauliflower, crispy quail egg, chicken consommé, $49
Ora salmon, braised daikon, shiitake, citrus kosho dashi, ink cracker, purslane, $49 

Dinner by Heston

‘Heston Blumenthal’ is more than name, it is an empire. Famous in England for his Michelin star winning restaurants and highly acclaimed for his work in the science of food, he’s even been made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. So, unsurprisingly, his restaurant in Melbourne’s Crown Towers is a work of art.

Every meal there should begin with a cocktail at the glamorous, ‘golden age of Hollywood’ style mirrored bar. Each cocktail and each food item is selected from history and comes with its own story written on the menu. Everything you order is guaranteed to be remarkable.

Staff are charming while efficient, and the spacious hotel dining room has just the right balance between busy and quiet.

Some favourites from the menu:

Roast Fish & Green Sauce (c.1440): Braised chicory, clams, parsley, pepper, onion & Eucalyptus, $62
Slow cooked Pork Belly (c.1670), Green peas pudding, pickled onions, black pudding, bacon & mint oil, $62


Started by acclaimed chef Frank Camorra, this internationally renowned restaurant is credited with bringing modern Spanish cuisine to Melbourne. Camorra’s affordable fine-dining take on Spanish tapas exploded as soon as it hit the Melbourne scene, and you now have to wait months for a booking.

They’ve since expanded into an empire, now with a third Melbourne casual dining, offshoot restaurant, their own cookbook, and another restaurant opening in Sydney.  

Some favourites off the menu:

Gambas: Charcoal Grilled King Prawns & Sweet Peppers with a Chorizo & Cider Sauce, $34.00
Alcachofas: Marinated Globe Artichokes with Diamond Clams, Saffron & Whipped Cod Roe, $28.00

Announcing the new BMIHMS, Melbourne Campus

Without a doubt, Melbourne is one of the greatest food capitals of the world. The quality of food, service and restaurant design is second to none. That’s why the exclusive Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School has decided to open a second campus right on Flinders street, at the heart of the city.

Nestled within the Torrens University Campus, it’s just walking distance to all the incredible restaurants listed above.

At BMIHMS we are always looking to try, learn and experience the best that the industry has to offer including those who have won national awards, ranking The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and even experience the best restaurant in the entire country, like Attica is acclaimed to be. Our Top 4 picks of Attica, MoVida, Dinner By Heston and Ezard should encourage our students to strive for and seek perfection in their industry.

Our lucky students will get to experience these world-class, fine dining restaurants first hand. After all, what better way to learn, than by learning from the best?

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