3 Benefits of Studying While You Work in the Hotel Industry (and the new short courses allowing you to do both!)

You’re working in hotels, and you’ve decided you want to up-skill and take your career to the next level. But, you’re not sure if you can commit to an MBA or put work on hold while you study. How do you choose between learning and earning?

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to!

Even though juggling a busy career in hotels while studying might seem too much to handle, there’s one surprising reason to do it: you will do better at both.


Benefit #1: Apply your study directly to your work (while still getting good grades!)

Research has found that students who work while studying tend to get better grades, because of their improved time management and organisational skills. On the other side of the coin, training while working is demonstrated to improve your effectiveness on the job.

Even though you may think that time spent studying will distract you from your work objectives (and vice-versa) in reality, if your learning can be applied directly to your job, then there’s no conflict of interest. Actually, the two are mutually compatible.

Take the ‘Managing Your Brand for Consumer Engagement’ 6-week, online course at BMIHMS, for example. If you’re already working in any position within a hotel that requires you to understand or promote your brand, this course will give you tools and knowledge that can be directly applied to your role.

The BMIHMS new 6-Week Courses in international hotel leadership have been co-created with hotel industry leaders, to allow aspiring hotel managers to up-skill with work-ready content. The project-based learning model allows you to combine your assignments with your actual working role. So, you’re essentially studying on the job!


Benefit #2: You don’t have to survive off savings or take out a loan.

Of course, the other benefit of working and studying is that you can still have an independent income while you’re up-skilling. Going back to a student income after you’ve been in the workforce for a while can be difficult, particularly if you have a family to support.

If you have the option of flexible study, juggling the double commitment of study and work so you can continue earning a wage becomes even more achievable.

The 6-Week Courses at BMIHMS have been designed specifically with busy hotel workers in mind. The individual modules can all be completed online, at your own pace, from any country in the world. Plus, each course can be credited towards an MBA of International Hotel Leadership, so you can gradually work towards a bigger qualification on your own schedule.


Benefit #3: Get a promotion faster!

One of the great things about the hotel industry is that it’s so upwardly mobile. According to a recent survey of hotels, 97% of respondent companies reported

that some of their top executives began their hotel careers at an hourly entry level position.

The report also reveals that throughout the hotel industry, many general managers, senior execs and even CEO’s began their early careers as dishwashers, food servers, and front desk attendants. They got to where they are now by sticking with the same company, doing great at their job, and being promoted from within.

One of the best ways to fast-track a promotion is to get some industry-specific training, in an area where skills are in demand at higher levels. For example, change-management is a high-level, managerial skill set that can be acquired through study while on the job.


The BMIHMS 6-Week Courses in International Hotel Management: a Full List of What’s on Offer

Right now, there are three courses open for enrolment:

  • Framing Your First 90 Days as a Leader
  • Managing Your Brand for Consumer Engagement
  • Creating innovative guest experiences for competitive advantage


Over the next few months, BMIHMS will be rolling out these additional courses:

  • Be the GM – Lead Your Virtual Hotel
  • Securing Growth and Investment for Your Hotel
  • Managing Your Digital Business Resources
  • Championing Organisational Change
  • Leading Corporate Social Responsibility to Drive Business Performance and Social Impact
  • Leading in Times of Crisis – When to Lead, When to Manage
  • Pre-Opening a Hotel
  • Emerging Markets and Disruption

If you’re unsure, you can trial one module of the 6-Week Courses for free, by starting with the complementary ‘Management Versus Leadership’ module. This course teaches you to distinguish the difference between the theories and functions of leadership and management, and can help you identify when it’s appropriate to be a leader or a manager in your hotel.


If you’re interested in studying one of these short courses while you work, take a look at the full description here, or contact one of our helpful student services staff for more information.

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