Why study in Australia

 “I wanted a challenge and wanted to study somewhere different, and I’ve had a fascination with Australia my entire life. Blue Mountains was one of the best hospitality management options I had heard of and the reputation of the school was fantastic.”

– Judy Bonizzi, Malawi, Year 3 BMIHMS Student.

With an enviable international reputation, the Australian education system offers an innovative, vibrant and multi-cultural environment in which to pursue university level hospitality studies.

Graduates with Australian hospitality degrees can look forward to their qualifications being very well regarded worldwide, and thus opening up truly global working opportunities. What’s more, it’s not a bad place to visit and live for a while. The locals are easy going and friendly, and the economy continues to expand, particularly the finance and tertiary education sectors.

The political environment is robust, but very stable. In essence, it is a tolerant and diverse society offering a safe and very high standard of living.

“I scouted the world basically for a good hotel school and Blue Mountains appealed to me due to the social aspect of life and its location which is a place where you can focus on your studies.”

– Abel Woldu, Sweden, Year 2 BMIHMS Student

Then there’s the landscape; that remarkable physical environment, that sublime weather, that scenic beauty, those stunning attractions; it’s all true. From cosmopolitan cities to the stark outback, it’s a country full of contrasting and rare travel experiences. Flexible student visas allow international students to take up the hospitality industry’s many part-time work options as students can work 20 hours per week. A strong, growing economy contributes to a buoyant hospitality job market, which means international students can gain valuable work experience as well as supplement funds for travel or further study.

Living Costs in Australia

Australia is one of the world’s most popular places to live and study, with areas of spectacular beauty, cosmopolitan cities and an education system renowned for its excellence throughout the world. To assist with your planning for studying in Australia, we’ve provided a link with details on the average cost of living from the government website Study in Australia. Please use this to help you with your preparations.

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