Student Profile: Amelia Catalan

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Meet Amelia, an international student from Guatemala, who is in her second year of the Bachelor of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management). Amelia spoke with us about her time so far and her exciting journey to a career in Hotel Management.

Name: Amelia Catalan
International Student: Guatemala
Course: Bachelor of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management)

Why did you want to study this course?
I am studying this course because I love to be close to people and learn something new from them every day. I love that the hospitality industry allows me to create an experience for my customers. Every day that I work, my aim is to place a smile on all the faces I interact with, and this work allows me to do this.

What is your favourite part about studying at BMIHMS?
I love my cross-cultural lecture. It allows me to understand other cultures. The possibility of seeing these cultures first-hand one day excites me. But while I am here BMIHMS I am constantly surrounded by people from all over the world; people who speak different languages and have different traditions. Thanks to this class I get to expand my knowledge of the customs and understandings from many countries around the world. I also love that many of the students live on campus. This means we get to have a wonderful social life. I hang out with my friends after class every day, which is so important as an international student. I was worried about being lonely and feeling so far away from home, but being surrounded by friends means that I never have to feel lonely.

How do you think the BMIHMS is helping you achieve your goals?
My ideal job would be to be a General Manager of a Hotel. Either working for a big hotel chain or even my own hotel! BMIHMS is providing me with the necessary education and contacts to achieve my goal. They provide all of the students with the best tools, but I fully realise that it is my responsibility to use the tools I have been given proactively. I know I can use the knowledge and experience I have gained in my time to pursue my own hospitality management goals and opportunities.

Where have you been on Industry Placement and what was your experience like?
I just finished my first Industry Placement in Hamilton Island. My experience on placement was amazing! I had the opportunity to work in almost all of the restaurants and hotels on the island, which allowed me to learn the different types of service. At the same time, I could have a mini holiday on my days off! When you are an employee on the island all of the activities are discounted, which made the activities and tours on the island more affordable. They also had staff activities so that you could meet more people on the island so I felt like made friends and connections every day! It was an incredible experience – both personally and professionally. 


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