With a seating capacity of over 80,000 patrons, 79 kitchens and the claim of largest licensed venue in New South Wales, ANZ Stadium was the perfect destination for BMIHMS at Torrens University students to explore the process of hospitality operations within a large-scale events venue.


Post-graduate students from class Business Events in a Global Context (MHE612) took a tour of ANZ Stadium for a first-hand approach to understanding the complexities of managing this kind of operation. This was a behind the scenes look at what it takes to plan and execute major events.


Whilst the emphasis was on planning, their lecturer also challenged her students to learn through experience and in person. “This isn’t something you can understand completely within the context of the classroom or online”.

Rajka Presbury, Senior BMIHMS Lecturer went on to say, “My reason for bringing the students here is to inspire them, to make them understand how important it is to meet current hospitality professionals within state-of-the-art hospitality facilities”.


Greeted by BMIHMS alumus, Andreas Breitfuss, General Manager – Catering, Stadium Australia Group, students participated in a personal discussion focusing on catering and hospitality operations.

Included in his presentation were some impressive statistics about the venue, the challenges faced, and what it takes to successfully execute an event, including some initiatives that are in place to improve patron experience and satisfaction.

If preparing 15,600 buckets of chips doesn’t scare you – cost effectively filling the beer lines (45 kegs) sure might. The extreme size of the property and the adjacent stadiums see thousands of people through the doors in short periods of time. Planning and accuracy is paramount for the success of such events.

Andreas said, “Through our stringent quality control process, our planning methodologies, we can be reassured that what we serve will meet our customers satisfaction.”


“Additionally one of the key challenges we face with planning is finding staff. We need to make sure that we have staff well trained, and well versed in all of the aspects of the stadium. Critically we need to make sure they have a high level of skill when they are interacting with our guests throughout the stadium.” Andreas discussed.

It’s always a great way for BMIHMS students to combine their learning with the knowledge that there is a need for quality hospitality staff and that the industry is going from strength to strength.

“The opportunity to visit a world class venue like ANZ Stadium has been phenomenal. Meeting the Head of Catering, the executive chef and getting to know their major challenges was the highlight of the visit for me.” Lokvardhan Rathore, postgraduate student.


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