Study in Australia

With an enviable international reputation, the Australian education system offers an enjoyable, vibrant and multi-cultural environment in which to pursue higher education.

Graduates with Australian hotel management, event management or restaurant management degrees can look forward to their qualifications being highly regarded worldwide and will be exposed to global working opportunities thanks to BMIHMS’ extensive industry connections worldwide.

What’s more, Australia is a pretty incredible place to live. The locals are easy going and friendly, and the economy continues to expand, particularly the finance and tertiary education sectors. The political environment is robust, but very stable. In essence, it is a tolerant and diverse society offering a safe and very high standard of living.


Australia has an enjoyable climate with pleasant warm summers and mild winters that are reflected in the outdoor lifestyle enjoyed year round. The tables below provide a guide to the weather you can experience in both Sydney and Laura.

Weather in Sydney Weather in Leura
Month Celcius °C Farenheit °F Celcius °C Farenheit °F
January 19—26 66—79 13—24 55—75
Fabruary 19—26 66—79 14—23 57—73
March 17—24 63—75 12—20 54—68
April 14—22 57—72 10—18 50—64
May 11—19 52—66 8—12 46—54
June 9—16 48—61 5—12 41—54
July 9—16 48—61 4—11 39—52
August 9—17 48—63 5—12 41—54
September 11—19 52—66 8—15 46—59
October 13—22 56—72 12—23 54—73
November 15—24 59—75 15—24 59—75
December 17—25 63—77 15—25 59—77


Laura Panorama

When you come to study at BMIHMS in Leura, you’ll discover countless outdoor attractions on your doorstep: world heritage-listed national parks, the famous Three Sisters rock formation, bush walks, tours, white-water rafting, horse riding and more.

If you are athletic, there are various local, modern sporting facilities, such as golf courses, gyms, and a fitness and aquatic centre for you to enjoy.

There are also plenty of recreational options for students, including visits to independent boutiques, bookstores, chocolatiers, craft shops, art galleries, shopping malls, cinemas, bars, clubs, an extensive choice of restaurants and several local festivals.


Sydney panorama

In international surveys, Sydney consistently ranks as one of the world’s best cities to live in and visit.

It encompasses all of the best aspects of Australia in a world-class environment, thanks to its physical beauty, warm weather and multicultural and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Whether it’s climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, relaxing on Bondi Beach, soaking up the atmosphere of Darling Harbour or visiting the colourful student-friendly inner-western suburbs, there’s a world of things to see, do and explore.

The attractions are endless – from miles of pristine beaches, parklands and harbour islands, to shopping, nightlife, art galleries and museums. There are plenty of venues that cater to the needs and budgets of students, including cafés, restaurants, bars and live music venues.


Student room overlooking swimming pool

At our Leura Campus students live in twin share hotel-style rooms, which contain a television, a private en-suite bathroom, a telephone line and 24/7 Internet access. Rooms are cleaned weekly and all linen is provided. Single rooms with en-suite are limited, subject to availability and incur additional costs.

Sydney Student Accommodation

Students studying at our Sydney Campus live off campus. BMIHMS can assist you by recommending our student accommodation partner, which is located 15 minutes walk from campus, or you can organise your own accommodation in private housing throughout the city and surrounding suburbs.

Living costs

Australia is one of the world’s most popular places to live and study, with areas of spectacular beauty, cosmopolitan cities and an education system renowned for its excellence throughout the world. The Study in Australia website provides a guide to the average cost of living which you’ll find useful as you start to prepare for your studies here.

A guide to Sydney living costs

Living Costs Average per week
Rent $120—$400
Food $120+
Utilities $20—$50
Phone & internet $20—$70
Public transport $10—$40
Laundry $10
Entertainment/personal $50—$100
Stationery & textbooks $15
* Please note all figures are in AU$ and intended as guidance only

Public transport

Australia has excellent infrastructure for public transport, whether you wish to travel by train bus or even ferry. Our campuses are well connected to transport links making it easy for you to commute to class.


Our Leura Campus is located approximately ten minutes drive from Leura Train Station. Bus transfers are frequently provided by Campus staff for various purposes.


Our Sydney Campus is located in the heart of the CBD, right next to Town Hall train station and within a couple of minutes walking distance to public bus routes. It is easily accessible by train or taxi direct from Sydney airport.

Working in Australia

To work in Australia, you are required to have a tax file number (TFN).  The TFN identifies you to the Australian Tax Department and ensures that you are taxed appropriately. You will be asked to include your TFN when completing a Tax Declaration Form on commencement of employment. You can obtain a TFN by completing an Application for Tax File Number available online at or from any Australia Post office.

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