At the top of the World with a Blue Mountains Graduate

6th February 2013

At the top of the World with a Blue Mountains Graduate

The Blue Mountains Hotel School were privileged hosts to guest speaker, Andreas Brietfuss a graduate student who has joined an elite group to have climbed the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest.

Andreas kindly provided his time to speak with our students and team about his amazing adventure to successfully overcome adversity and complete the ultimate challenge.

Scaling the 8,850 meters of ice, snow and rock to reach the summit was a 2 month expedition, and over a year of preparation and training. Andreas explained, that the drive, focus, resilience, dedication, adaptibility and hard work were all foundations gained during his time studying hospitality at Blue Mountains, and each of these attributes were drawn upon to achieve this personal ambition.

Arriving in Nepal to complete the 8 day trek to base camp was just the start of this amazing journey, and on arrival Andres’s adventure was nearly over due to detection of low blood oxygen, which should have ended the trip. While under doctor’s observation and receiving a mixture of antibiotics, Andreas made a remarkable recovery in only 2 days to get back on track to start at base camp.

Fighting the extreme weather, which reach -42C, managing to breathe with 66% less oxygen at high altitude, burning 10,000 calories per day and surviving the continual intensive long day climbs were all part of the challenge

Through the dedication and drive built at Blue Mountains Hotel School he battled through it all, and by having the focus all our students are instilled with, he made it to the summit.

As he descended Andreas showed further the character of those who study at the best hotel school in Australia, by saving the life of one of his team. Stranded, afflicted with frostbite, and snow blindness, the team member needed immediate help, and by working hard and quickly Andreas managed to get him to the next camp and safety.

Having a day job in hotel management seems to prepare you for all challenges, as next Andreas intends climbing the highest peaks in Antarctica, as well as climbing down to a valley 2.5km under sea level!

The Blue Mountains team in Australia, along with our students studying in Sydney and Leura, wish him all the best in this next adventure.

See him on top of the mountain on his You Tube video clip!

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