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The Role of a Wedding Planner

Tara Flegg plans over 50 weddings per year at Sydney Opera House. At the moment, she’s working on more than 20 weddings. She has dealt with all types of brides, mothers and future mother in laws over the five years she’s been working as a wedding planner. For Tara, it is all about beating their expectations.

“Pinterest is the death of me, they have an idea in their mind and that is what they want,” she said.

The Kim Kardashian flower wall was the most common request in 2014. There have been many odd requests that Tara has received, however no question seems to surprise her any more; even when a bride asked if she could come to her wedding on an elephant.

Tara, a graduate of  Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, pinpointed three specific skills gained during her studies that are extremely important to her career. These are attention to detail, cross cultural communication and patience. She applies these skills on a daily basis. Sometimes it is as simple as walking into a room and noticing a glass missing from a table or replacing all the menus when realising the font is one size to small. “Attention to the minor details is what will make a great event, perfect”, Tara says.

There are never two weddings that are the same, and this is what keeps Tara so motivated in creating the perfect wedding for every couple. It certainly keeps her busy. An average week consists of 55-60 hours in the office alone.

“If I leave before 6pm, security asks where I am going. I have forgotten what not being tired feels like!

“It is not all glitz and glam being a wedding planner, you are in charge of a what will be the most memorable and important day for most couples, and there is very little recognition for what we do behind the scenes to pull it all together,” Tara says.

Tara is one of a kind, being able to deal with not only her stress but also that of everyone else, although you’d never know she was stressed. Her secret is to foresee the problem before it occurs and not let the client know anything is wrong. Tara explained “In most cases, a wedding planner is not only the organiser but also acts as a counsellor. I was on the phone to one of my brides for two hours listening to her vent.  The job title definitely does not encompass all of the extra roles involved in being a wedding planner”

The pros of the job definitely outweigh the cons for Tara, who says her favourite part of her role is the day of the wedding.

“The wedding day is always the most exciting and rewarding part of my job. Seeing it all come together, I still get emotional,” she says.

Currently Tara is planning her own wedding at the Opera House and with all the weddings she has organised, throughout her career, there is little doubt that her wedding will be one unforgettable event.

Gabriella Conti, International Event Management Student,

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