BMIHMS Alumni Mentoring Program

Nicolas Gomez is on many levels a model Blue Mountains International Hotel Management (BMIHMS) student. In his final weeks of study (Master in International Hotel Management), he takes time out to discuss his last 6 months and how the BMIHMS Alumni Mentoring Program has contributed to his career.

If you asked Nicolas why he joined the program, his answer is simple. “Why not?”

“This program is an opportunity in addition to classes and is free of charge, and I have always tried to take advantage of the exclusive opportunities that the school has offered me,” he says.

After successfully applying for the program, Nicolas was allocated BMIHMS alumnus Tish Nyar, Area General Manager Rydges Hotels & Resorts, Rydges Sydney Airport, as his mentor. Whilst the initial introduction comes from the mentor, the students are in charge of the communication and drive their own mentoring programs. How often they meet their mentor or remain in contact with them is entirely in their hands.

Nicolas chose to meet face-to-face as Tish is based in Sydney, and following their initial meeting they also communicated via email. Depending on what Nicolas wanted advice on, he would guide his communication accordingly. Big questions or more complicated discussions warrant a face-to-face meeting, while simpler issues were easily discussed via email.

Nicolas used his new connection and professional advice from Tish as part of the many influences he brings together to formulate his decision-making. Whilst not the only point of view in the mix, Tish has been influential in mapping out Nicolas’s career pathway, brand choices and directions in hospitality both in and out of hotels.

This isn’t a chance for students to apply for work, but an opportunity to help them prepare for the bigger picture– their future. Nicolas says that Tish has been instrumental in assisting with connections and advice both academically and professionally during their time together. He advises students for future programs to take up this opportunity and approach it with confidence. “Get to know your mentor personally to establish a better connection, this will definitely maximise the outcomes,” he says.

The Alumni Mentoring Program is open for all students in their last 6 months of study. Applications close for the next program on 16 October 2015. Enquiries should be made to the BMIHMS Career Development Department.

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