BMIHMS congratulates HM Awards winners

BMIHMS congratulates HM Awards winners

25 September 2012

The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) is very proud to have been associated with the 10th Annual HM Awards and congratulates all winners as and participants.

As a leading educator in global Hospitality Management our mission is to attract and prepare the leaders of the hospitality industry of the future. The HM awards are the perfect platform to demonstrate to the general public the exciting, generous and rewarding industry that is hospitality.

Guy Bentley, CEO of BMIHMS Ltd, who presented the New Zealand General Manager Award was proud to emphasise that: “it’s very fitting for BMIHMS to be involved in the celebration of what makes our industry unique, its people. We work very closely with companies to ensure we prepare our students to meet their needs. Industry leaders identify skills and labour issues as the major challenges facing the hotel sector and it’s our role to not only prepare and train our students, but to also attract the brightest prospects to this ever-growing industry”.

Our Bachelor degrees and master degrees are designed with a main objective:  to ensure that our students are industry ready and equipped to become the leaders of the future. They all aspire to be a the recipient of a HM award one day.

BMIHMS selected eleven students to participate and assist HM in the organisation of this event. This allowed our students to demonstrate to the key leaders of the hospitality industry the skills they’ve acquired during their studies, as well as being a perfect opportunity for them to network with 600 hotel industry leaders.

Jillian Kam, a final year student spoke about the experience: “it was inspiring to be part of this celebration and to see how hard work and excellence are being rewarded. I feel more motivated and a sense of pride to have chosen this career path”.

As an event management student Jillian understands the importance of networking when looking to break into such a competitive field as event management. She explained, “Experience and new opportunities at this point of my education, when I am looking to secure a final Industry placement, are critical… the next 6 months will shape my career”.

BMIHMS brings both industry needs and academics to together to create that special blend of theory and practical skills that are craved by the hotel sector. Our commitment is to deliver graduates who have both of the above and will become valued integrated members of the working team and award winners of the future.

This HM Award ceremony was held on the 7 September at Sydney’s Town Hall.

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