BMIHMS Hosts 2015 Career Advisors Conference

Checking in

More than 100 careers advisors from all over NSW arrived in Leura last Friday for an action packed two days at the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) Career Advisors Conference for 2015.

The first event of its magnitude to be hosted by the School, attendees were invited along to experience firsthand what life is like for the students who choose to study at BMIHMS. The event was held at BMIHMS’ Applied Learning Centre in Leura, where guests participated in a variety of activities throughout the day, including a housekeeping workshop, cocktail making, wine-tasting and campus tours.

They also enjoyed engaging presentations from the School’s Academic and Career Development teams, and learned about the multitude of study abroad options available for BMIHMS students.

In meeting

Guests were later treated to an outdoor evening soiree, enjoying cocktails and canapés before sitting down for a lavish three course meal prepared by BMIHMS Chef Andrew Neale and his team, including a number of current BMIHMS students.

During the dinner, BMIHMS Alumni Ambassador Val Cook hosted a lively Q&A with some of BMIHMS’ most successful alumni. Wine mogul James Robson, best known for his work with the critically revered and family run Ross Hill Vineyard in Orange, and Sonya Brown, Group Director of Human Resources for the prestigious Minor Hotel Group in Thailand, answered questions about their time at BMIHMS and how it helped shape their respective careers.

Restaurant discussion

BMIHMS General Manager, Jerome Casteigt, said:

“The event was designed to give careers advisors real insight into the types of students who may be suited to studying at BMIHMS.

“The event also provided a forum for our guests to rub shoulders with industry professionals and to discuss the opportunities that a degree in hotel management can provide both locally and internationally.

“Our guests have an incredibly important role to play in the decisions young people make about study and careers, so it was wonderful to be able to showcase to them everything that BMIHMS has to offer its students,” he said.

Formal lecture/presentation

Denis Behan, Careers Advisor for Denison College, said:

“It was a really great experience to attend the conference. I was amazed at the BMIHMS facilities and the cordial hospitality we received from the staff and students.

“I gained a good deal of very useful information on the day, which I will share with my students and staff. I now feel very confident in advising my students regarding the study opportunities available at the School,” he said.

BMIHMS and Alumni management

Julie McDermott, Careers Advisor for Killarney Heights High School, echoed the sentiments of others, stating:

“The hospitality extended to all of us was exceptional and I felt that I learnt so much. The cocktail party was fabulous and the food was sensational. The students who served us dinner were delightful.  They were all very polite and shared their experience with us and have obviously been trained extremely well. I really appreciated the opportunity to experience what it’s like for the students who study at BMIHMS,” she said.

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