Changwon Yang

I recently say down with Changwon Yang in between our busy timetable of lectures and completing our assessments to talk about his recent industry placement in Korea. Changwon shared with me his experiences as a Banquet Attendant and how his first two terms at Leura Campus helped prepare him for his placement. As a Korean, it was great to get some insight into what his thoughts were about returning to our home country to complete an industry placement. Below is an extract from our conversation.

Where did you complete your industry placement, and what was your role?

I worked for Novotel Ambassador Seoul Gangnam hotel as a Banquet Attendant. I role saw me working at weddings, engagements, seminars, exhibitions. I also was a server during session breaks for various global meetings and conferences.

What was it like returning to work in Korea, your home country?

As a Korean, I was able to communicate well with my team members and was able to learn things much more quickly. Being back in an environment where I was comfortable and confident allowed me to excel. When I had days off, I was able to meet my friends and relax.

Who are the main guests of the hotel?

Novotel Ambassador Seoul Gangnam hotel is one of the best hotels in Korea. It hosts many global meetings and conferences. Guests from all over the world visit and stay in the hotel whilst attending these events, enjoying the quality five-star service provided.

How did your first two terms at Leura Campus prepare you for your industry placement?

Whilst working for the Novotel Ambassador Seoul Gangnam hotel, there were many ways that BMIHMS helped me to succeed on placement. My food and beverage training really helped me when working for the banquet team and serving drinks. My knowledge of wine service and drink mixology allowed me to provide great service.

What was a key learning opportunity you had whilst on industry placement?

Whilst on placement, I was given the opportunity to participate in a feedback project to the HR and F&B Managers. Each participant was asked to write a report highlighting things that had room for improvement. This was a great opportunity to be involved in a very important business process. I objectively reported on areas that the team were succeeding in and those that required some attention. I was able to identify particular issues and make recommendations for potential solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

What is the most memorable thing you experienced during placement?

I received several compliments about the quality and efficient service I was providing. These compliments have made me even more passionate about quality service and the hospitality industry.

Until next time, Chang

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