Diandra Takes on North America

The great thing about social media is that you get to stay in contact with all your friends, no matter where they are in the world. Attending a university with so many students and alumni located all over the globe means that social media is ever more important when keeping up to date with everyone’s movements.

One friend who I have loved following throughout her industry placement is Diandra. Currently living in Canada at the Fairmont Hotel, Lake Louise, Diandra is having an amazing time working as a Housekeeping Attendant and enjoying the picturesqe surrounds.

I caught up with her briefly to get some more insight into what her time abroad has been like. This is an exert from our conversation.

1. What sparked your interest in Canada and Lake Louise for your second industry placement?

Ever since I started studying with BMIHMS at Torrens University I had always planned to complete my second industry placement overseas. I just had to make up my mind on where that was going to be. There were so many options to consider, however, during my first placement at Hamilton Island, I made up my mind. Whenever I spoke to someone about the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Canada, it was always positive feeback.

2. What is it like working in housekeeping with Fairmont?

Housekeeping can be very challenging, especially in the first few weeks when you’re trying to get your head around how it all works. The day starts with either a floor meeting with your supervisor or a general meeting with all room attendants, supervisors and management.

Much like Leura Campus shifts in housekeeping, we always start the day with fun stretches to ensure that we’re ready for the day. We then go through important information, such as VIP arrivals and special requests.

3. Lake Louise is a stunning location, what do you get up to in your spare time?

Lake Louise is an amazing destination and it is always great to be performing my duties with an incredible view. From when I arrived to now, it has changed drastically and has been amazing to see the lake melt. On my days off I’ve hired a car and driven to Jasper, British Columbia (of which I am only 20 minutes drive from the border!), and I have skydived – taking in the most amazing birds eye view of British Columbia. Fairmont has a ‘lifestyle’ department who put on many different events each month that enable you to experience what Lake Louise and surrounding areas have to offer.

4. Talk me through the process of attaining your IP and getting to Canada? Who helped you?

It wasn’t an easy process getting my placement in Canada, but I was determined to get here. I was consistently in contact with the Careers and Employability team a lot. The best thing about the Careers team is that they are always there for support and have an unrelenting willingness to get students where they want to be. I had to utilise networking skills and knowledge to source a contact in Lake Louise.

Before securing my position within Fairmont Resorts, Lake Louise, I had to gain a Canadian Visa. Thankfully this process was straightforward, and found myself accepted into International Experience Canada (IEC).

5. Is this the beginning of an International career for you?

I’ve always loved to travel, and if I’m able to have an international career within hospitality that would be amazing. I’ll be finishing my studies at Kendal College through the study abroad program that BMIHMS at Torrens University offers, having the opportunity to get a double degree. Once I’ve finished my studies, I hope to stay in the US for another year on a work visa and then we will see what opportunities come up. Maybe I’ll go to Europe or return home to Australia.

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