Five Minutes with Leena & Mike – Event Management Students

A career in event management and wedding planning is an exciting profession. It requires you to have a lot of creativity, organisational skills, and ability to interpret your clients’ vision. With great responsibility comes great career opportunity! Event management involves designing, planning and developing a multitude of events which include conventions, concerts, festivals, and ceremonies.

The event management industry is perfect for those who are team players and have business acumen. There is a lot more than meets the eye in this exciting industry, and for that reason, this week’s students interviewees are Leena Chugani and Mike Han, two of our international students currently studying a Bachelor of Business, specialising in International Event Management.

They were happy to share their experience studying with BMIHMS and their insight into the industry.

What is event management for you?

Leena – Event management is the coordination of an event and various stakeholders such as customers, clients and suppliers from start to finish. Whether it’s to do with planning, production, execution and everything else in between.

Mike – For me, events management is more than what we normally perceive it to be, it also requires a lot of communication and identifying the target audience.

Why did you choose to study event management at BMIHMS?

Leena – I chose BMIHMS because it gave me the unique opportunity to do two six-month Industry Placements, where I get real industry experience. What really drew me in, was the excitement of living in a new place where I am constantly meeting new people from all over the world on campus.

Mike – It makes me proud knowing that I am undertaking a bachelor degree at the Number 1 Hotel Management School in Australia and Asia-Pacific. Also, Torrens University provides me with a lot of great opportunities, such as Industry Placements where I can start to create valuable connections – building out my resume.

What do you like most about event management?

Leena – I love being organized in my work, dealing with new people and the adrenaline rush of getting an event done. Seeing the look of happiness and satisfaction on the clients face when their event has gone well is so fulfilling. Also to see other people enjoying what you have created. 

Mike – As cheesy as it sounds, bringing happiness to people, helping them create unforgettable memories and being part of their celebration.

When did you realise you wanted to study event management?

Leena – I realised at a very young age that event management was my passion. This was partly due to the fact that my aunt was an event manager and I would help her out whenever she needed help. And who would have thought that it would turn into something that I loved so much that I wanted to make a career out of this passion as well.

What is your dream job?

Leena- My dream job is one where I can travel whilst I work. I would love to end up being a tour manager for a big music artist.

Mike – I enjoy going to concerts and sporting events. I would have to say that I would really love to be a manager someday, one in charge of creating big music and sporting events.

What makes for a great event manager?

Mike – Communication, patience, creativity, and knowing how to work under pressure because of all the different things that are happening while the event is running. Plus, problem-solving – to make the client happy.

Do you think Australia can bring you great opportunities?

Leena – I think Australia can bring me amazing opportunities because of the vast scope of the hospitality and event industries. People from all over the world come to Australia to live, work, study, etc. It is a multicultural country… and where there are people there is hospitality!

What are some of that challenges you expect to face as an event manager?

Mike and Leena both agreed, that the biggest challenges would have to be the endless hours of organized work, working on weekends and constantly being on your feet.

But both could say that the advantages were so much bigger and important, such as getting to know a lot of people along their journey, creating memories and learning new things every single day. 

As Leena said, “I will be working in a job that I really love and that is my personal advantage”.

Until next time… Sofia Esparza – Marketing Ambassador

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