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Academic Studies

The English Language Program (ELP) is designed to support those students from countries and cultures where English is not their first language. It is an intensive program that will take a student’s english skills to the next level prior to starting their degree studies at Blue Mountains. Those who attain IELTS 6.0 academic or equivalent will automatically progress into the bachelor degree. Students can enter the bachelor degree with IELTS 5.5 Academic or equivalent in the first semester with Integrated English Support.

Minimum entry to the ELP is IELTS 4.5 with students increasing by IELTS 0.5 over a 10 week period.

Students can also enter at IELTS 5.5 by also attending Integrated English Support. Students stay with local families close to campus during tuition.

Find out more about the English Language Program delivered by BMIHMS.

ELP is a ten week intensive course during which Students are expected to improve their English level proficiency by 0.5 IELTS

If students fail a unit, they can do a repeat exam / assessment if they obtained a marginal fail (47%-49%) for the first time. The repeat exam would be completed by week 3 of the following term. If they score below 47%, they will have to repeat the entire unit again. Students can only attempt a unit a maximum of three attempts.

Accommodation (undergraduate Students)

Year 1 students must live on campus in Leura during their studies. Students live in twin share hotel style rooms which contain, a television, ensuite bathroom, a telephone and internet access.

Only Year 2 undergraduate students can stay off campus and Year 3 students can live in their own accommodation in Sydney or Blue Mountains will assist with off-site accommodation.

Further information on the range of accommodation options is contained within the ‘Can I live outside of the Leura Campus’ section.

Undergraduate students on Leura campus are asked to embrace the twin shared accommodation, common to the majority of students to provide companionship and peer support especially when first settling into the School. Most students form close bonds with their roommates and often request to share a room with the same person again. There are no mixed gender rooms. Room dividers ensure privacy when sleeping and dressing.

Only Year 2 undergraduate students can stay off campus. They have three options:

Live on Leura campus
This includes accommodation in the Leura campus accommodation blocks. New and direct entry undergraduate students are required to stay on campus and share a room.

Live off Leura campus in BMIHMS fully managed and serviced furnished local houses
Shared with other BMIHMS undergraduate students. This includes all utilities and services and is a good option for those who would like more independence but still with the BMIHMS “full service” effect.

Live off Leura campus in your own sourced and managed rental property
BMIHMS can assist undergraduate Year 2 students to source rental properties in the local area. Students will have an invoice that only includes an On- campus services package

For Year 3 and postgraduate students studying in Sydney
Our Sydney campus is a non-residential campus. Sydney offers pre-arranged student accommodation available on request. They are located in close proximity to Sydney campus. Availability is limited so bookings are essential.

Some popular websites to view rental properties are:

First year undergraduate students on Leura campus are asked to share a room with someone from a different nationality. As an international school we require our students to learn and develop their cultural awareness and appreciation of other nationalities. This also prepares students to work in the hospitality industry which is international by nature.

Only Year 2 undergraduate students returning from industry placement can apply for a single room. Students can request a single room on the Return to School (RTS) forms. . There are limited number of rooms available.

During the Christmas break students have many options. They can return home or travel around Australia or find casual work locally or in Sydney. Also students can find short-term stay accommodation at a backpackers in Katoomba or Sydney or go online to

Accommodation (postgraduate Students)

Applications & Admissions

BMIHMS offer a range of scholarships for both undergraduate and post graduate students from Australia and New Zealand. Scholarships are generally awarded on a merit basis, however other factors considered but not limited to academic excellence, financial hardship, community involvement etc. For more up to date information visit

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) is an eligible education provider under the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP). Under this initiative, successful international applicants issued with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for eligible courses from BMIHMS, will have their student visa application processed by DIBP under Assessment Level 1 criteria, regardless of what the assessment level is for their country. We have developed a [wpdm_hotlink id=60 link_label="Step-by-Step Guide"] and [wpdm_hotlink id=61 link_label="SVP Assessment Criteria document"] to help students with the SVP process.

There are just 3 simple steps in the application process to study hotel management, event management or restaurant and catering management at Australia and Asia Pacific’s leading hospitality management school.

  1. Make an initial enquiry using our online form to provide initial details so we can contact you directly and talk you through the application process.
  2. Select your preferred start date – courses start four times a year in January, April, July and October. You can view our 2019 Term Dates.
  3. If you’re ready to apply now, please complete the [wpdm_hotlink id=12 link_label="Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Application Form"]. Save, print, sign and then send it to the address stated on the form. You can also email your form to

Students have to be 17 years and 9 months of age at the start of the course and have obtained an adequate level of high school education so they meet the academic requirements to study hospitality.

Campus Life

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School has two campuses.

Leura - a practical learning centre which operates as a simulated hotel located on 2 hectares of landscaped private gardens. It’s 1.5 hours from Sydney and is our residential campus where students live and study. It has well appointed accommodation and modern teaching facilities.

Sydney – executive business centre is centrally located in the business district of the city. It’s location is ideal for the hub of connecting transport routes making it easy to commute to class. This is a non residential campus which was purpose designed with state of the art facilities.

During orientation week (O week) students on both campuses are expected to wear smart business attire.

Students living on the Leura campus can enjoy the following recreational facilities on site : a recreational room containing game tables, pool tables, TV and lounge areas, and snack vending machines, a soccer field, basketball / tennis court, in-ground swimming pool, gymnasium, sun-bathing area and a BBQ area.

Facilities on campus include a student lounge area with pool table, table tennis and darts, kitchen as well as a Coffee Cart operated by students. Of course being in the centre of Sydney means you are just minutes away from gyms, swimming pools, recreation centres, entertainment venues, restaurants.

Students can join local sporting teams eg soccer, cricket teams, attend local dance and horse riding schools. Also access various activities ranging from bushwalks and visiting spectacular mountain scenery. Enjoy excellent hotels, restaurants and boutique markets/shops. Sydney is only 2 hours by train. or 1 ½ hours approx. by car.. Situated on the coast, Sydney offers a mixture of everything from beach life to the arts, from music to sport and numerous shopping malls.

Sydney, often voted the most livable city in the world, makes the perfect location to complement a student’s hospitality or event management degree. Our campus, located right in the heart of the city’s CBD, functions as an executive business centre where Year 3 undergraduate students and postgraduate students complete their studies in purpose built, state of the art lecture rooms and teaching facilities, with wireless Internet and a modern well-equipped library on site. We can assist in finding off-campus accommodation nearby.

All meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided on Leura campus during in study term.

On weekends- Saturday/Sunday and in term breaks (except Christmas) brunch and dinner are provided. Additionally BBQ facilities are available by the pool depending on the weather.

Both the Leura and Sydney campuses close for four weeks per year, from the last week of term 4 (December) to the first week of term 1 (mid January). As the Leura campus is a residential campus during this period maintenance is carried out and students cannot reside on campus. During all other vacation periods’ students can stay on campus.

Australia is a secular state with no official religion. As a multicultural society, Australia embraces tolerance of diverse religious and cultural beliefs. Leura offers places of worship including Anglican, Catholic and Baptist denominations. Sydney has places of worship of many faiths including Christian denominations, synagogues, mosques, Hindu and Buddhist temples.

Industry Placement

Only if the student’s original program mapping was agreed for a 12-month placement. No changes to program mapping for IP is accepted.

While studying, students can work 40 hours per fortnight (two weeks). Once a student goes to industry placement they are eligible to work unlimited hours. During term break e.g: Christmas break, students can work unlimited hours. To check the most up to date information please visit the Department of Immigration site

The Career Development department is dedicated to helping students become workplace ready. Their key role is to mentor and coach students through the job application process including resume writing, developing job search skills, interviews techniques and assistance with securing an industry placement with an approved employer BMIHMS has a Career Development department to assist students on both campuses.

Yes, as long as students can provide evidence of the hours they have worked-minimum 600 hours, the organization they have worked in and a description of the duties they have carried out. This must be submitted and approved upon enrollment.

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