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Short courses to MBA – Invest in your future today

Are you ready to take your hospitality career to the next level? Our short courses in International Hotel Leadership are designed for today’s working hotel manager. If you are a busy professional looking to upskill or step into senior management; our bite-sized, flexible and affordable courses are ideal.

Each short course is delivered online; giving you the flexibility to study while you work. Upskill as needed with an On-Demand Short Course (1-2 hours), or tailor your education plan with one or more of our Accredited Short Courses (6 weeks), which can stand alone or combine towards a formal qualification in International Hotel Leadership.

Designed and delivered in partnership with industry leaders, all of our short courses offer context and insights which can immediately be applied in your workplace.

Our on-demand short courses are ideal for upskilling in a specific area. They are accessible online and self-paced so you can learn wherever and whenever you are ready.
  • 1-2 hours duration
  • Delivered 100% online & mobile friendly
  • Featuring industry stars that give context to the real world of Hotel Leadership
  • Enrol, pay & learn through portal
  • No entry requirements
  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion from Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School at Torrens University Australia.

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Featured On-Demand Short Courses:

  • Management vs Leadership (Featuring Jan Smit, Former CEO International Hotels Group for Asia, Middle East and Africa)

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  • Leveraging the Power of 21st Century Consumers (Featuring Stephen Howard, Director of Marketing, Ovolo Hotels)

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  • Strategic Pricing to Maximise Revenue (featuring Ben Hopper – Area Manager, Expedia Group; and Limin Cheng – Director, Revenue and Distribution Management, Marina Bay Sands)

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Customise your learning

Education is a personal journey. At Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, we believe that to get the most out of an individual learning program, it must be flexible. Our range of short courses in International Hotel Leadership allow you to customise your learning plan and focus on the areas that are most important to your own career development.

Accredited Short Courses can stand alone or combine towards a formal qualification in International Hotel Leadership. Build to a Post Graduate Certificate (4 x 6-week courses) or a full MBA (12 x 6-week courses).

What you learn, and when you learn it, is totally up to you.

Accredited Short Courses – Entry Requirements

For individual Accredited Short Courses, the only entry requirement is 6.5 IELTS (i) or equivalent).

However, for students intending to combine Accredited Short Courses towards a formal qualification, the following entry criteria generally apply:

  • A relevant undergraduate degree and 3+ years of managerial/supervisory work.
  • Students must be 21 years or older by the course start date.
  • English language proficiency 6.5 IELTS ((i) or equivalent).

Accredited Short Courses Key Information

Our Accredited Short Courses provide career-focused learning in a flexible, online environment. Using a mixture of facilitated learning, self-guided modules and live online tutorials, you’ll learn from from industry leaders and immerse yourself in practical projects and assessments.

Each week is organised around 4 to 5 hours of facilitated study and around 15 hours of personal study, comprised of digital self-paced learning, activities and assessments.

  • 6 weeks (120 hours) duration
  • Delivered 100% online, with weekly tutorials facilitated online
  • Delivered in partnership with industry superstars, providing context and insight into the real world of hotel leadership
  • Ability to combine Accredited Short Courses towards a formal qualification
    6.5 IELTS (i) or equivalent) is the only entry requirement for single Accredited Short Courses*
  • Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School at Torrens University Australia credential for a single subject in International Hotel Leadership
  • New intakes every 8 weeks
  • Accredited Short Course fee $3750. Scholarships are available for industry professionals.
Where can I study? Start Dates Workload Course Duration
Fully online. Learn from anywhere.  Intakes: every 6 weeks. 4-5 hours facilitated studies per week plus personal learning. Each course takes 6 weeks to complete.

* For students intending to use Accredited Short Courses as credit to pursue a formal qualification in International Hotel Leadership, standard entry requirements for the selected qualification applies.

Accredited Short Course – Weekly Workload:

Each week is organised around 4 to 5 hours of facilitated study and around 15 hours of personal study, comprised of digital self-paced learning, activities and assessments.



Accredited Short Courses Available. Apply now

The Hospitality industry isn’t immune to the evolution of digital technology and neither is society. We are at a unique point in history where we are able to inspire two-way conversations with customers, to gain their engagement and advocacy. As part of this short course, you’ll learn more about the opportunities presented by this rapid shift in digital technology, and how it has forever altered the way hotels communicate with their audiences. You will also learn about the challenges of managing a Hotel brand and how rich and compelling content marketing, combined with omnichannel distribution, are integral to brand engagement.

Do you lead the way when it comes to creating the best experiences possible for your guests? Service innovation is a rapidly expanding area of practice and crucial source of competitive differentiation. In this course, you’ll learn about design thinking, and how it can be used to bring together key stakeholders to collaborate and formulate innovative approaches to the overall guest experience. You’ll take an entrepreneurial approach to customer service challenges and present fresh solutions to create guest experiences that surprise, delight, and surpass expectations.

As a leader in a hotel environment, you’ll be measured on your ability to optimise revenue. Being able to think on your feet is a given, but there’s a science to it too. During this course, discover how to make strategic, proactive decisions thanks to input from experts like Nikita Beresnev, Group Director of Revenue with Nesuto Hotels. Learn to use various tools to understand customer demand, interpret financial data and, most importantly, increase revenue.

Let’s be honest. Hotel businesses are ultimately focused on one thing – growth. Influencing and negotiating investments will be critical to your success as a leader. In this course, you’ll gain a full understanding of the investment process and insight into identifying the most lucrative opportunities. Discover how to get the best outcomes and maximum ROI to fit with your corporate strategy, with experts like Mehran Mossadegh, Founder & Managing Director of the aptly named NegotiationWise.

Your online presence is the most powerful tool in your arsenal for generating demand in today’s competitive hotel environment. Prospective customers have access to infinite resources about brands, and it’s your job to understand their needs and capture their attention. In conjunction with Matthew Hill, Director of Techmark Digital and Expedia Australia’s Executive Director, Alexander Ozdowski, this course will help you appreciate online behaviour and expose you to an array of digital business resources.

Organisational change is a reality that you’ll face at all levels of the business. A true leader understands the complexities associated, from technical through to human challenges. In this course, you’ll learn how to meticulously analyse and execute changes necessary to succeed. Discover how to appropriately respond to shifts in the business environment from Jason Fabbri, a Senior Management Consultant specialising in this field and Susan Sadler, Founder & Director of Red Wagon Workplace Solutions.

Interested in making the world a better place? You’re not alone. These days, it’s rare to find businesses which aren’t open to helping to drive change and address societal issues. In this short course, you’ll build on your knowledge and follow in the footsteps of top social entrepreneurs. We’ll empower you to develop creative solutions to address social and environmental problems and to see social entrepreneurship as a force for positive change.

Do you know what to do in a crisis? Extreme circumstances can make or break a leader, and can be very testing indeed. In times of uncertainty and even danger, hotel professionals ought to demonstrate appropriate leadership knowledge and skills. You’ll focus on leadership under intense pressure – whether in response to crisis, global issues or ethical dilemmas. By the end, you’ll have explored the facets of working with a Crisis Management team and executing a Crisis Management plan.

The Hospitality industry’s dynamic, ever-changing nature is part of what makes it so exciting. In order to excel and compete, hotel brands must be constantly seeking new challenges – including building or acquiring new properties. A professionally managed pre-opening process with attention to detail should ensure smooth operating for years to come. This short course will take you through the varied stages involved, from conceptualisation, through to feasibility, design and evaluation, construction, and finally the pre-opening activities.

International markets present significant opportunities, but only to those companies who know what they’re doing. To the untrained eye, it may even be surprising which countries should be targeted. In this subject, you’ll see for yourself how leaders make the right decisions on emerging marketing to encourage growth. Better still, you’ll walk away with a blueprint for researching and evaluating markets, setting clear and realistic goals and growing your business for the long term.

Ever thought about working in China? The hotel industry in China has experienced meteoric growth as a multi-billion-dollar business. Regardless of how much of an expert you are in the Australian market, China remains a vastly different business and cultural environment – there is no single strategy to ensure success. This short course aims to equip you with essential cultural and business insights for executing an appropriate China-focused guest experience, whether here or overseas.

Unfamiliar with intrapreneurship? You’ll learn to use the innovation typically associated with entrepreneurial start-ups within your bigger business, by identifying new opportunities and redirecting resources to them. Discover how best to respond to, and even out-manoeuvre your competition while implementing the most effective policies to deal with new challenges. During this course, learn how to drive results via incubation and disruption, taking guidance from entrepreneurial mindsets that are currently leading the pack.

The Hotel Leadership Capstone Project will provides you with the opportunity to apply the analytical and theoretical skills developed in the program to an online hotel-based simulation project. This short course will provides an unrivalled opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply the management and leadership skills you’ve learned so far, in addition to drawing on the considerable experience acquired in your career. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Coaching as a tool is considered to be an integral strategy for aspiring hotel leaders. Coaching skills are particularly valuable for leaders working in volatile, emergent and ambiguous contexts where new approaches are required to meet unique challenges. A major focus for this project is exploring coaching practice and how they equip executives to lead their teams effectively. This project gives the students the knowledge and foundation for becoming an executive coach and instructs them on how to help others understand, apply, and integrate various metrics and results into their respective lives and roles.

*This subject is core to the MBA
**This subject is your capstone subject and is core to the MBA


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is no government funding for the Accredited Short Courses and tuition course fee must be paid up front and in full prior to commencement. To benefit for government funding and FEE HELP, students need to enrol into the accredited qualification such as the Post Graduate Certificate, Post Graduate Diploma or the MBA.

As long as you meet the entry requirements, you can study the Accredited Short Courses online. You will not need a Visa as the courses are fully online. Courses are made of self-paced content that you can study at your own time and pace.

Each Accredited Short Courses cost an upfront payment of AUD 3,750. You may benefit from a discount if you are an alumni or if you are currently working in industry.

The following scholarships are available:

For Alumni of Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, William Blue College of Hospitality Management, Torrens University Australia and Laureate International University: 25% scholarship  

For current employees of one of our BMIHMS Industry Graduate Privileged Partners: 20% scholarship

For people currently employed in hospitality, Hotels or Tourism: 15% scholarship  

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Each week is organised around 4 to 5 hours of facilitated study and around 15 hours of personal study comprised of digital self-paced learning, assessment progression and learning activities. These learning activities or projects will help you build your understanding and skills whilst also collaborating with your peers.

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“What I’ve learned has influenced my career to date, and how it will influence my career in the future.”


Timothy Cannon
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