Hospitality Offers More Chances to Climb the Ladder than Other Careers: Ben’s Story

Ben Nguyen decided last year that it was time for a change. He wasn’t finding his HR job satisfying. Instead, he decided he would prefer to work with people, in an industry that was more flexible, and with more opportunities. So, he enrolled in a Masters Degree at Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School. He was setting out on a mission to remake his career, and by doing so, his life. 

When it comes to choosing a career, like many millennials, Ben is motivated more by a sense of personal value and job satisfaction than by money. It’s a common misconception that employees today want to up-skill and ‘climb the ladder’ in order to get a bigger paycheque.

Actually, most people make employment decisions based on how rewarding the role is and what opportunities it offers, rather than the income level.

Fortunately for Ben, he’s chosen to shift to an industry with some of the best chances for upward mobility in the global economy.

“My previous career has been in human resources. I wanted a change and to challenge myself in another industry. I like to connect and interact with people – engaging with customers, so I prefer to work in a service industry.” – Ben Nguyen

Recent research by the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH&LA) found that more than half of department managers started their career in entry-level positions – a significantly larger figure than many other industries.

The study also found that the majority of entry-level employees in hotels and associated hospitality roles are eligible for promotion after only one year of employment.

So, it looks like Ben will have no shortage of opportunities to challenge himself and grow when he graduates in 2019.

“I was attracted to studying the Masters Degree of International Hotel Management because it not only gives you the opportunity to learn about management principles and operational leadership, but you also have the opportunity to up-skill with applied training.

I am not only provided with theoretical knowledge, but am able to learn a lot of practical skills as well. Hospitality management is all about being able to be hands on as well as understanding how to operate a business. Studying with BMIHMS is a great opportunity for me to improve my career and develop my passion.” – Ben Nguyen

Ben will have a rewarding career ahead of him, in an industry with so much opportunity for development. People work harder and better when they’re motivated, and (as we mentioned already) career growth and personal development are significant motivations.

If you doubt for a minute the power of personal growth as a motivator, just look at Ben’s story. He’s decided to invest significant time and money in the best education available, in order to challenge himself and grow. He’s forging his own path towards upward mobility.

Ben is now currently completing his industry placement, where he’s hoping his journey towards his dream job will begin.

“As someone who has limited experience in the hotel industry, completing a six-month Industry Placement will allow me to get real industry experience whilst studying.

The Success Coaches have introduced me to so many people working in the industry – through volunteering opportunities, workshops and on-campus recruitment expos. Plus, I love how there are always guest speakers who come to campus.

Because of this, I have the opportunity to meet with leaders from the industry, forming connections and building my network.” – Ben Nguyen

Good luck, Ben! With that positive attitude, you’re sure to succeed. See here for more information on our International Hotel Management Masters Degree.

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