The Importance of Giving Back : ALUMNI MENTOR Nathan Frost

Last year, Nathan Frost jointly won the BMIHMS Hotelier of the Year. Sydney Marketing Ambassador, Rei, caught up with one of our favourite alumnus to discuss the BMIHMS Alumni Mentoring Program.

Why do you keep your connections with Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School?
It is important that the next generation that is entering the hospitality industry is aware of the current industry. Although this information can be gained through placements, it is important that they have someone to go to who can provide this information.  I want to see the students succeed, so I am more than happy to therefore provide this through any forum – and one of the reasons why I maintain contact with the school.  Also, I owe a lot to the school for what I learnt and getting my career started, so I want to give back.

Why is it important for you to help mentees and be a mentor?
It is about giving back. I recently had a mentee that was unsure of her rights as she was getting called into meetings regularly on her days off and not being paid. I knew that this was not correct and the minimum 2 hours should have been paid. I was able to guide her through the process of speaking to the right people without getting herself into trouble and coming across as a complainer. We have the knowledge, so we need to ensure that we are providing it to the students.

Why should students seek the help of talented individuals like yourself at the beginning of their career?
You always need to learn. And utilising the knowledge of people who have gone to the same school as you, have been in the same industry for a number of years and have the experience is essential. We have made mistakes in our careers and have learnt from them. We now have the ability to provide that knowledge that we have learnt back to the students. 

How do you see your current mentees?

Very ambitious. Sometimes too ambitious in that they have just graduated and expect a management role. There is plenty of time to get that type of role. So I always ask “why rush?”  Enjoy the journey and learn from it, be the best manager you can be once you get there.  If you rush and do a rubbish job at it then this will have a bigger impact on your career than waiting until you are ready.

Thanks Nathan!

Until next time, Rei.

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