In response to Coronavirus (COVID -19) – FAQs

Current Students – FAQs

I’m concerned about other students coming and going from campus, what are we doing about it?Please refer to the email sent from Chris Djekic, Safety & Security Manager. It is important to note this will only work if you all comply. The campus current status is ‘secure environment’ and we are monitoring this daily.
My parents want me to go home, can I defer?

If you wish to defer, please speak to student services, please be aware of the travel restrictions and associated guidelines. Be sure to make an informed decision prior to making your decision.
Discuss this with the Program Director.

Also, be aware that deferring may impact your ability to be granted a graduate work visa, so it is recommended you discuss your options with your migration agent or directly with immigration.

Students requesting a Leave of Absence (deferral) or a Withdrawal after the census date will incur a financial liability for their tuition fees. Please refer to the Enrolment Policy for full details.

Theory is online, but practical is still going ahead?Yes, that is correct, we are running practical with modified arrangements. We must adhere to the practice of social distancing and strong hygiene practices.
What is “modified”?By now your instructors and lecturers will have walked you through or explained to you the meaning of modified and what it means in the practical environment and how this will now play out in our practical areas.
Practical Front of House exams for F&B – how will this work?Again by now your instructors will have explained clearly to you how the modified arrangement will work for your assessment demonstrating where it still meets the outcomes of the criteria to the assessment.
My roommate is unwell at the moment, how do I ensure that he/she practices safe hygiene?The most important thing, is to have an honest conversation with each other and ensure you have the items to be able to manage a hygiene environment, if not purchase these items together.
If you don’t know how to use them ask the Safety & Security Manager and he can assist or ask a Housekeeping Instructor and they can assist.
My parents wants me back home as soon as possible. If I travel back home (overseas) but still attend online lectures, submit all the assessments, what will happen to my front office shifts and practical exams in the coming weeks?It is advised that you stay here to complete your practical assessments in our secure environment with the modified arrangements.
If you wish to travel after you exams you need to make an informed decision based on the travel restrictions and guidelines.
We will change to online classes but retain the same course fees – why is this so?Questions relating to financial hardship and fees will be updated on the TUA website.
Please ensure you are checking the FAQ section on the TUA website that relates to the Covid-19 response
I have a question about my Visa. Who can I speak to?Any questions pertaining to your visa MUST be directed to the Department of Home Affairs and or your migration agent.
What is happening with the scheduled April placements?By now you should have received an email from Success Coach David Thum to explain the April Intake and the process now, any further concerns, please meet directly with your Success Coach
Can I go home to complete my theory?Yes, you are permitted to go home dependant on the health advice from your country.
If you planning on departing campus this term you should have a prior conversation with Ms McLeod or Dr Livac. If you have applied training next term it’s advisable that you do remain on campus or return to campus (ensuring you have self-isolated for two weeks).
If you only have theory units, yes you could complete this in blended mode from your country.
Will I be notified before a lockdown or will it just be announced and effective immediately?In principal it would be announced effective immediately with some notice.
Can I stay in Leura to study Year 3?At this time you will have to find accommodation in Sydney and study on line.
Regarding flight travel bans, can I still leave the country?You will need to take advice from your airline and your own country around current entry requirements
Can we take classes online overseas?Yes – you can be anywhere in the world to undertake blended learning. You must have an internet connection.
Will my health insurance cover me should I get sick with COVID-19?Please refer to the TUA website as this information will be updated shortly
In regards to students on placement who are no longer working due to this virus, is it possible to start year 3 online in April?Yes, but please discuss your options with your success coach first.
Are fees for term 2 reduced based on the loss of university facilities?Questions relating to financial hardship and fees will be updated on the TUA website.
Please ensure you are checking the FAQ section on the TUA website that relates to the Covid-19 response
Will accounts be understanding in their request for tuition fees in a timely matter considering students do not have all the information to make sound judgement for enrolment?Questions relating to financial hardship and fees will be updated on the TUA website.
Please ensure you are checking the FAQ section on the TUA website that relates to the Covid-19 response
Social Distancing – what does it mean?

Social distancing includes ways to stop or slow the spread of infectious diseases. It means less contact between you and other people.

Social distancing is important because COVID-19 is most likely to spread from person-to-person through:

*direct close contact with a person while they are infectious or in the 24 hours before their symptoms appeared

*close contact with a person with a confirmed infection who coughs or sneezes, or

*touching objects or surfaces (such as door handles or tables) contaminated from a cough or sneeze from a person with a confirmed infection, and then touching your mouth or face.

So, the more space between you and others, the harder it is for the virus to spread.


Food on campus – how will it be available to us?Currently food service remains available to students with modified arrangements, please be aware of the operating schedule.
Can the school remind students to sanitise phones, laptops and handles?Please remember to wipe your devices with antibacterial wipes often.
Will food will be available during the term break, so we don’t have to go offsite to collect food?At this stage there is no compulsory lock down from government in Australia and people are free to move. However our objective is to minimize student movement and we ask you to restrain from leaving the campus. So during term break we will accommodate all students and feed.
During exam period, what happens if someone gets COVID-19?

From Monday we are moving to online teaching and this includes exams and assessments for theory subjects. Applied subjects will go ahead with modified arrangements to protect both students and staff. In the event of someone getting infected we will notify the Department of Health and follow their directions accordingly.

If there is a lockdown, then where is the academic support?All learning support services will be made available to students online. This service can also be one on one over the phone.
If there is a lockdown, can domestic students go home?We recommend all students to stay on campus. It is a safe, contained environment.
If there is a lockdown, how do we get food?We have plans to arrange safe food delivery should we need it to each room.
If there is a lockdown, how will practical training work?Should the status of the campus change to a lockdown applied training would be postponed to a later date.
What financial considerations or payment plans are available to me?Please speak with your Campus Director.
If there is a lockdown, should we stay in our rooms here or go back home?Please follow the directive of the Campus at the time. We are working in a secure environment and will manage the campus with all appropriate health and safety practices.
Seeing friends going to Sydney is a concern they may catch something. Should we be taking temperatures here?Screening measures for all people arriving to campus will be in place from Monday.
Is it safe for students to still go to Katoomba?Yes, it is safe for students to go to Katoomba; however, you should practice social distancing and good hygiene.
If there is a lockdown, will we be sent home?If there is a lockdown, you will follow the campus procedures and we will communicate regularly.
Will we be self-isolating if returning home; then self-isolating in Australia?Self-isolation in home country depends on the procedure put in place in each country. Currently any traveller coming into Australia is required to self-isolate. We are working with the university on how we can assist students on self-isolation measures.
If there is a lockdown and we have to study online at home in our home country, what will happen to our CoE?The university is investigating with the Australian Department of Home Affairs.
My parents have told me to go home – can the school email parents about the situation and safety?Please refer parents to TUA COVID-19 page on the Torrens Student Hub.
Will mask wearing be introduced?We are seeking from the Department of Health. Please note we are following the guidelines of the Australian Health authorities.
What will student life look like going forward in the next few weeks?Life on campus requires the practice of social distancing. We should be very aware of our personal hygiene practices in particular hand washing. Life on campus will continue to evolve along with the activities and types of activities available.
Is there availability of Counsellors?Counsellors remain available via phone, text, email and in person.
I’ve been away on holidays. Am I allowed to come back to campus and isolate myself for two weeks along with the new students?We are looking at what are our options to isolate students coming from abroad and having to self-isolate following the government advice. The Nesuto hotel is one option that we are investigating for those cases.
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