Hospitality Leadership on a Large Scale

Andreas Breitfuss at ANZ Stadium

The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) loves to promote their successful alumni and through the next Leadership Speaker Series we will host Mr Andreas Breitfuss as one of our esteemed panelists.

Andreas is as a third-generation hotelier and has been operating in a hospitality environment from a very young age. Over the past 25 years, he has forged a distinguished and award-winning career in hospitality and business development. After graduating from BMIHMS, Andreas joined Rydges Hotels and Resorts, where he eventually became the youngest person to ever be appointed to a senior management role within the chain. In the years that followed, Andreas was positioned in new acquisitions and managed various business units for the innovative international brand.

Though he has now moved away from hotel management, Andreas’ career is still firmly established within the hospitality industry. Currently, he leads a talented team delivering the catering and hospitality services across the corporate, members and retail food and beverage areas at the landmark ANZ Stadium in Sydney’s Olympic Park. The sheer magnitude of daily decision-making involved in Andreas’ current role is nothing short of impressive.

When fully operational, the Catering and Hospitality Department at ANZ Stadium 
is responsible for more than 75 retail food and beverage outlets, 224 corporate spaces including private suites, outdoor corporate boxes, members’ dining restaurants, corporate dining and even officials and player catering. A potential 1800 food and beverage staff during any major event is not unusual. These services are backed up by one main production kitchen and up to 79 a-la-carte, satellite and finishing kitchens.

ANZ Stadium is the largest licensed premise in NSW. Andreas likens his working life there to operating a 747 aircraft, where you have outlets and function spaces that cater for the people in economy seating all the way to those guests seated in first class. Without question, the best workplace rewards come from Andreas’ ability to maintain customer contact.

“I am blessed in this position in that when the day of the match or event arrives, most of my hard work is already done,” he says. “On the day, I get the opportunity to get out there and interact with members and guests, encouraging their feedback and developing a real rapport with them.” That’s no easy feat for a venue with a capacity of more than 83,000 people. Meeting a lot of people is a big part of running such exceptional events. Members and guests come from all walks of life.

“At any given event we’ll have movie stars, royalty, sporting greats or rock stars walking through the gates,” he says. Andreas instills in his staff the need to communicate to their guests appropriately, no matter who they are. “My work experience, combined with everything I learned at BMIHMS, has taught me how to deal with a variety of different clientele, multiple staff, working under immense pressure and still performing on the day,” he concludes. “Being astute and knowing when to approach your customers is crucial. At the end of the day, adaptability is the key to managing a proficient guest services experience in this style of workplace.”

Find out what is involved in operating a multi-outlet facility on a large scale and learn about the challenges associated with managing and operating them in the Leadership Speaker Series presentation on October 28, 2015. Innovations and the future of the food and beverage industry will be the cornerstone of this discussion, listen via YouTube.

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