Laureate Hospitality Business Education Launches

7th April 2015

Laureate Hospitality Business Education Brings Global Leadership in Hospitality Management Training To Employees in Hospitality, Food, and Tourism Industries

Laureate Hospitality Education (LHE) is offering hospitality management and business courses and training to employees of companies in the hospitality, food and tourism industries through a new operating unit called Laureate Hospitality Business Education (LHBE). This new B2B education consulting service leverages the education expertise of its global network of institutions of higher education in hospitality management including Kendall College (USA), Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (Australia), and Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches International School of Hotel Management (both based in Switzerland).

“Our goal is to become the premier provider of training and continuing education for the hospitality and tourism industry,” said Michael Huckaby, CEO of Laureate Hospitality Education. “We have a wealth of knowledge in hospitality management and years of experience in educating a multicultural and global talent pool for the industry. LHBE allows us to go farther and provide the industry with much-needed training for mid- and upper-level staff, providing the right tools and solutions to leverage the opportunities of a growing and fast-changing hospitality landscape.”

LHBE works with clients to identify areas where additional education and training can positively impact the sustainable growth of their business, from front-line staff to executive managers worldwide.

“As our alumni know, hospitality is one of the most dynamic and growing industries in the world, and it accounts for 338 million jobs worldwide in foodservice and lodging, travel, luxury retail and event management,” said Huckaby. “Finding and developing the right talent with the necessary education and training to sustain this growth is a key challenge faced by the industry today. By leveraging LHE schools’ core strengths in business management education, training and research, LHBE is ideally qualified to work with the industry to tackle this challenge.”

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) is proud to be a part of this new initiative, and to bring our expertise in hospitality management and culinary arts direct to the companies and organisations that hire our graduates. If your company’s workforce needs professional development or training, you can now turn to your alma mater to provide high-quality educational resources and expertise.

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