Maddy’s Tips

Maddy’s Tips for Living On-Campus

Here are Maddy’s top five tips for settling into life on-campus and making the most of such an amazing experience.

1. Put yourself out there: I know it’s a cliché and everyone says it, but don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people. Let them know who you are, coming to university is really a clean slate, where you can make new friends, and everyone is in the exact same boat. Take each opportunity as is comes, don’t stress, just do it.

2. Get to know your classmates: Don’t stick by the first people you meet. Although the first people you meet may be great and you get along with them, don’t feel like you have to only ever be with them. Take a chance to get to know everyone, there are so many different people, from so many different cultures and your closest friends may not always be the first ones you meet.

3. It’s okay to be homesick: Don’t feel like you have to be happy and active all the time. Take some time, have a quiet recover and a break, because you may need it. Don’t be afraid to tell people if you need some alone time to recharge, they’ll understand. I really recommend making your room as homely as it can be. The day I put up photos and decorated my room was the day it really felt like home. You’ll be surprised how much it helps!

4. Be prepared for campus life: Take time to learn your schedule, your surroundings, busy assessment weeks and school rules. Although there are some things you can’t prepare for, making an effort will ensure your start is smooth and not overwhelming. The next few years are going to be a whirlwind.

And lastly,

5. Pack EVERYTHING: When trying to think about what to pack, your best bet is to just throw everything you own into a suitcase! Trust me the one thing you don’t bring you’ll end up needing or wanting. Also, don’t try to pack seasonally, every day is a different season in the Blue Mountains, one day you’ll need shorts and the next you’ll want your jumper.

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