Student Spotlight: Madeleine Wiley

Student: Madeleine Wiley
Nationality: Australian (ACT)
International Hotel and Resort Management

Madeleine Wiley arrived on Leura Campus for the first time in January 2017. Now into her second term at university she is well accustomed to being surrounded by a new challenge daily. Traveling north to Leura after completing high school in the ACT, BMIHMS asked Madeline what motivated her to study at Australia’s number 1 hotel management school?

What is it about hospitality that appeals to you?

I have no shame in admitting that I am talkative. I love speaking to people. Hospitality seemed a perfect fit for me.

I travelled a lot as a child. So, meeting new people comes naturally, it’s a way to immerse yourself with new people and cultures. Travelling when I was younger I still remember the people who we met and those that made my holidays unique and special. Hospitality is a way of combining all these things into a career.

Finally, I know this is a growing industry and I genuinely believe that I will find employment in this industry.

Are there any particular areas of hospitality that you are most interested in getting involved in?

I am going in blind, and that is the exciting part! Nothing is set in stone and that feels ok right now. I am hopeful that I will have plenty of direct contact with people and learn multiple areas of the industry.

Recently, I met a man who had studied hotel management and he shared many stories with me. He runs his own business now, which is a funeral business. Whilst this isn’t necessarily going to be my direction, I can see how hospitality can be applied to many situations – through its basics of great communication and service, working with people, and an ability to create experiences for people.

Can you describe for me where you are hoping your career in hospitality management will take you?

I certainly don’t think it is too soon to think about management in my career. It’s a goal to have and the roles and responsibilities are very worthwhile. I want to experience it all first, across all departments and get to understand the ‘big picture’. I can’t see myself behind the scenes though, in a position when I will not be interacting with people.

How are you feeling after now commencing your first term on campus?

It feels like only yesterday when I arrived on campus. Time is flying by! I do miss home but I haven’t questioned my decision to come to Leura Campus and make a new life for myself.

Thanks, Madeleine, looking forward to watching your BMIHMS Journey!

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