Marketing Ambassador – Hayley Ko

During school vacations my family used to stay at various hotels in Korea when on holiday. When staying in each hotel, I was always impressed with the service that the hotel staff provided and their kindness toward my family. These experiences are what has lead me to choose a career in hospitality and hotel management, and study a specialised degree in this field.

I have always been a people person, but was a little hesitant that I would not be the right fit for this industry. However, working in a hotel on my first industry placement, I noticed that providing customers with the best service and memorable experiences throughout their stay came very naturally to me. It was particularly satisfying when guests were impressed with the service I had provided and wrote me lovely comments. I felt extremely proud of myself for having chosen a career in the hospitality industry.

Although some may not see my career choice as a conventional one, particularly at home in Korea, I know it will be a rewarding one. My drive to continuously strive to learn keeps me interested in this amazing industry. I know that there is a lot to learn to make sure I am successful in the hospitality industry, and BMIHMS is allowing me to learn so much of that.

What I have learned throughout my theory and practical classes are all helping me to prepare for my upcoming industry placement and future career. I know that when I graduate I will have a well-rounded set of skills that will allow me to succeed in my chosen career path. Subjects in sales and marketing, and human resources have been the ones that I am most interested in.

At present, I have numerous areas that I am interested to work in within the hospitality industry, which excites me a lot. The hotel industry is not only about just working front of house in a hotel, but includes working in events and in operational roles, such as human resources, or sales and marketing. With my diverse interest especially in events, and sales & marketing, I am so excited to begin another career path with the hospitality industry, with my next industry placement.

Over the next term I look forward to bringing you news from Leura Campus. There so much that students get to be involved with on campus, be it academic, careers & employability or campus life. I am also excited to report on other students’ industry placements and why they too know we have made the right career choice.

Until next time, Hayley Ko

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