Maxwell’s International Study Experience at BMIHMS

18 May 2015


Maxwell HerMaxwell Herbertbert is originally from Kendall College, where he will be graduating from in 2016 after spending a semester at BMIHMS, where he studied a Bachelor of Business in International Hotel and Resort Management. He recently moved back to Chicago to finish his studies and is currently working part time at Blue Plate catering. Gabriela Conti interviews Max for the BMIHMS BLOG.

Max, do you feel like this opportunity allowed you to grow professionally in the industry?

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) provided many opportunities to allow each person to grow and develop as an industry professional. I had some industry experience before arriving and I believe that this school only offered more opportunities for me during my studies. The experiences I had, at school and on my industry placement, allowed me to grow as a professional, which are valuable now and for my future career upon graduation.

Tell me about your BMIHMS Industry Placement work experience?

For my industry placement I moved to Sydney to work with Aria Catering at the Sydney Opera House where I was a team member in the operations and the logistics departments. During this placement, I had the excellent opportunity to work on large and small scale events throughout the twenty-two different venues the Sydney Opera House supports. Additionally I was an Events Admin Intern with Funktionality Events and Experiences where I worked with the event stylist, producers, and managers of the company.

You came from Kendall College in Chicago USA. What are some of the differences between the schools?

I studied  at the Leura campus, and the big different was living on campus and being only minutes from my friends. Additionally, Leura operates as a functional hotel where Kendall is very similar to the Sydney campus where students live off campus and there is only one building. There is variety of differences such as Kendall being a culinary school on top of being a hospitality school, which provides real exposure to the hospitality students. Continuing on with the differences, Kendall College offers more degree options other than the Hotel and Event Management, these include Food and Beverage Management, Sports & Leisure Management, Beverage Management, Sustainability Management, and Asset Management. The last difference I will focus on is that Kendall does a six month final project where students in different degree courses work together to build an imaginary hotel in a real space throughout the city of Chicago.

Would you recommend this experience to your peers?

In a heartbeat. All of the opportunities that Australia has offered me, I will treasure for a lifetime. I have made lifelong friendships, had amazing industry experiences, and was able to travel throughout Australia. The fact that the hospitality industry is an international makes it important to get as much international exposure as possible.

Any advice for students wanting to study abroad?

I would say, do what I did. Honestly, I did as much as I possibly could – I think. When at school I was extremely active in and outside of the classroom. If I had to tell anyone, I would say to keep an open mind and take as many opportunities as possible because that will make your whole experience one of a lifetime, one that you will take away and remember for the rest of your life.

Honestly, it was one of the best experiences I have ever done.

Not much more for me to add there, thanks for your time Max. If you have ever considered studying abroad, BMIHMS have options to study in Spain, China, USA and Switzerland. You can find out more at: BMIHMS International Study Options

Gabriella Conti, International Event Management Student,


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