Peopleology Program Propels Filomena’s Career Ambitions

Having worked in customer focused roles as a young teenager, Filomena Rossi developed a strong fondness towards engaging with people. Coupled with this attraction, family vacations ignited her love for hospitality and the desire to study hotel management in depth. The hospitality industry presented Filomena with the opportunity to travel, a characteristic which strongly swayed her decision to pursue a career within this industry.

In her second semester with Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) at Torrens University, Filomena commenced her first 600 hour industry placement at the Pullman Port Douglas Sea Temple Resort and Spa, located in North Queensland. Having previous travel experience and liking to the area, it was very fitting. In her role as a Food and Beverage Attendant, Filomena worked in various areas of the resort including room service, waitressing, buffet work, night shifts and assisting with resort events.

“It was really good to open up opportunities and explore new things,” says Filomena. “Being out of my comfort zone and pushing myself was very rewarding”.

BMIHMS places a robust emphasis on industry placement, in order to help students understand first-hand the demands their international hotel management career will present.

For her placement, Filomena embraced the resort lifestyle, living alongside a fellow BMIHMS students. Living and working on a resort, created a rich learning environment for Filomena, as she was able to integrate her knowledge acquired through university and previous hospitality experiences, and apply these to her practical roles whilst at work.

Everything I learnt on campus was definitely a big help and a big push into the industry,” Filomena asserts.

The team at Sea Temple Resort and Spa have an engaging environment, whereby Filomena was taken on as part of their brand and got to work amongst the many international and domestic travellers. Together with working in room service and interacting with satisfied customers, Filomena depicts participating in the Accor ‘Peopleology’ program as her industry placement highlights.

The ‘Peopleology’ program explores understanding how consumers think and behave, through several different categories and stages. The overall outcome of the program ensures customers’ needs and wants are adhered to, and their stay at the Pullman is satisfactory. In addition to receiving a certificate and brioche pin upon completion of the program, Filomena affirms that the program has helped propel her hospitality career ambitions within the hospitality industry.


Filomena explains, “I am always open to new opportunities, and it was definitely a great start to explore the hospitality industry. It has helped reiterate my passion for people and my goal to align with customer facing roles”.

Upon completion of her international hotel and resort management degree, Filomena plans to pursue a career working front of house. She intends to continue to explore customer centric roles, and travel and work in different cities across the globe.

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