Pursuing A Career in Event Management – Patrycia’s Journey

One of the core advantages of studying hospitality management for many, is the ability to take their qualifications with them all over the world. For Patrycia Wanda, studying hotel and then event management with Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) at Torrens University, lead her to venture throughout the asia-pacific region. Originally from Jakarta in Indonesia, Patrycia initially begun her studies in International Hotel and Resort Management at BMIHMS’ Suzhou Campus in China.

Studying hospitality was a natural progression for Patrycia, stemming from her desire to become a pastry chef and work in a patisserie. During her first industry placement in Shanghai, Patrycia formed a close rapport with her manager, whom often shared accounts of her past experiences in event management roles. It was here, Patrycia begun to reflect on her own interests in the event industry, particularly the challenges, rewards and intricate planning that goes into an event.

After conducting research, Patrycia soon realised she wanted to pursue a career in the event management industry. Without delay, Patrycia transferred to Leura Campus and commenced her studies in International Event Management. Now in her second year of study, Patrycia is settling into her new learning environment and making the most of her university experience in Australia.

“Leura Campus is very different to Suzhou Campus,” says Patrycia. I feel fortunate to study here, because not all students from Suzhou travel to Australia to complete their degree”.

Studying International Event Management at BMIHMS, will equip Patrycia with the core foundations of what it takes to be an event manager. Small class sizes generate a personalised learning environment, whereby students work closely with one another and lecturers have the time and resources to focus on each student and their development. Students learn how to plan, budget and meet deadlines, as well as interact with real event clients.

Together with her studies, Patrycia has participated in BMIHMS industry initiatives like the GPP Expo at Leura. The Graduate Privileged Partners program (GPP), is a competitive recruitment program that connects high achieving second year students with BMIHMS’ industry partners. The annual GPP Expo held at both the Leura and Sydney Campuses, provides students with the opportunity to network with industry partners.

Event Management students like Patrycia, helped organise and manage this year’s event. “I really enjoyed helping in the preparation of the GPP, it was the first big event I have worked on,” says Patrycia. I felt a great sense of satisfaction, despite the high amount of pressure and stress”.

Upon completion of her degree in International Event Management, Patrycia plans to stay in Australia and secure a job before heading back overseas. She aspires to pursue a career in wedding management, and aims to attain a job with the company she completes her second industry placement with.

Currently, Patrycia is completing her second six-month industry placement at Dolton House, in Sydney, as an Event Management intern. Upon completion of her placement she will complete her final semester at Sydney Campus.

For more information about BMIHMS at Torrens University’s International Event Management degree, click here.

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