Rising Star: Jessica Shuang Ma

Congratulations to our Rising Star of the Month: Jessica Shuang Ma (Class of 2020)


After recently graduating from a Master of International Hotel Management this year, Jessica now works as the Front Desk Manager at the W Hotel Chengdu, China, which opened earlier this month.

Get to know Jessica and learn why she is so passionate about the Hospitality industry in our Q&A below.

What do you love most about working in Front Office?

I love working in a challenging and fast-paced environment. This for me is the Front Desk. When a guest needs help, we are their first point of contact. Being able to help our guests and put a smile on their faces brings me so much joy – it’s why I love what I do as Front Desk Manager.

How has your current role developed your leadership skills?

I manage seven team members from a variety of backgrounds. Since I joined W Hotel Chengdu, it’s been important to me to share our team mission and show them our direction. As a leader, my mission is recognising their differences and allocating the right tasks to the right people using their strengths.

Effective communication and empowering my team are to me, crucial to being a good leader. It’s allowed me to build on my people management skills, as through clear communication, I’m able to learn what my team needs most.

Hospitality is an industry that encourages diversity and different ideas to give our guests the “wow” moment. It’s why I empower my team and encourage them to create more memorable experiences for our guests.

What is your advice for recent graduates?

It is a difficult time for us in hospitality during the COVID-19 pandemic. Once you have an opportunity to join this fantastic industry, my advice for recent graduates is to show your “heart” to your guests. To build a relationship between your guests, your property and yourself, it’s all about showing your “heart”.

This means thinking and acting ahead before they ask, genuinely caring about them. Also, teamwork is essential. If you run alone, you run fast. If you run together, you run far.


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