Student spotlight: Tomas Podborsky

Student Portrait: Tomas Podborsky

Alyssa Bennett, BMIHMS Marketing Ambassador, chats to fellow student Tomas Podborsky, getting the lowdown on his Industry Placement in Perth and life in general at BMIHMS.

Tomas Podborsky, an international student from The Czech Republic is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Business specialising in Event Management and has recently completed his Industry Placement at Crown Perth.

BMIHMS first introduced Tomas to Crown Hotels during a guest lecture in his first year.

“It was the best guest speaker presentation I had heard. It inspired me to want to work for them,” he said.

“Students were amazed by the Crown brand and were lining up afterwards to hand out their resumes. I was very excited to be one of those to receive a call back and was thrilled to be offered a place in the Crown Perth team.

“I worked for Crown as part of my first Industry Placement (IP). This meant moving to Perth, a beautiful Australian city that is quite busy in the CBD, but as soon as I left the centre, I found myself in many quiet zones near beautiful parks with gorgeous views.

“Perth is full of cafes and small bars with a very friendly vibe. It reminded me a little of Prague, my home, even though the culture of Australia is very different and much more open from Czech. Australians are more talkative; the relaxed lifestyle and multicultural society is great and my time here it has definitely brought out a different and more open side of my personality.

“At work it didn’t take long to get to know my way around and I learned quickly. The more confidence I had the more I started to really enjoy my work. I worked long hours, but it rarely felt like it. It was such a big and dynamic environment. The staff members of Crown Perth were welcoming and I fitted in straight away. I enjoyed the teamwork and the style of service that was provided on a daily basis. I found that my managers were very approachable, always available and really enjoyed their work. If they were ever strict, it would always motivate the team to deliver the excellent service that Crown stands for.

“Crown Perth exposed me to a variety of events –the opportunities were amazing. I was involved in cocktail parties, conferences, gala dinners, weddings (with several different international flavours), VIP guest events, Chinese banquets and more. The size of the events varied from 10 to over 1000 guests. One event that stuck in my memory was a fundraising gala dinner, where the guests enjoyed their dinner while watching live boxing matches in a ring placed in the middle of the grand ballroom. Guests were standing, chanting and supporting the fighters. It was such an amazing atmosphere.

“My experience in Australia at BMIHMS and with Crown Perth was definitely worth traveling across the world for. I would recommend Crown for all students that seek a dynamic working environment, and are looking for a fun Industry Placement.

“Crown Resorts has recently become one of the School’s Industry Partners, forming an official connection with the BMIHMS. The School is expecting to send many more students to have work experiences and develop their career prospects through this connection.”

Tomas is about to embark on his second Industry Placement through BMIHMS and his International Event Management Degree. We wish him the best of luck and look forward to hearing more from him on his return.

Many thanks to Tomas Podborsky for sharing your story.

Alyssa Bennett, Student Ambassador.

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