Student spotlight: Wilhelm Lund, Bachelor of Business (International Event Management)

Will has made his mark on campus, hitting the ground running and getting involved in event coordination since he arrived. Here he takes some time to answer our questions regarding his industry placement, future goals and ultimate career goals in event management.

What did you do for your second placement? How was it?

I was a porter at Intercontinental Melbourne. As a porter, your duties are to deliver the guests bags to their room and park their cars. That being said, you are the face of the hotel because you are the first person to meet and greet the guest. This fit me really well as I love to be approachable and I love to talk to people. Another plus is that you get some really nice cars to park!

What was your favourite thing about Melbourne?

Melbourne is AMAZING! I loved the city, everyone is so friendly and nice there. It is easy to get around with the trams in the city and everything is just within a short ride away. The best thing is the culture and food you can find. There are so many different varieties you can chose from and if you want you can find some really cool places most people don’t know about.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I’m looking at working on a cruise ship for a couple of years to travel around the world and see different places.  I see this industry as one that can give me opportunities all over the world whilst I am working and building up some great experiences.

What is your ultimate career goal?

My ultimate career goal would be to organise the Olympic Games. I’ve always loved watching the Olympic Games and that would be a dream come true to be part of the organising committee, especially if it was my home country (Sweden) hosting it. I want that feeling knowing that I’ve actually been there organising it and making it happen.

What is the best event you have ever attended?

Best event I ever attended would be the FIFA World Championship in Germany 2006. I went to one of the games there and the atmosphere was so good. Everyone was so happy and I had a blast and at the game. The atmosphere while watching the two teams, Germany and Mexico was incredible. You could feel the tension between the two sections where Germany had their supporters and Mexico theirs. It was amazing.

Interview conducted by BMIHMS Marketing Ambassador and International Event Management student Elizabeth Skehan


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