The Tales of An Event Manager in Training

Planning and coordinating an event, requires extensive organisation, interpersonal and multitasking skills. For International Event Management student, Mafe Prieto Gaitan, a career in the event management industry presents the opportunity to experiment with creative skills, meet new people, and orchestrate successful events from start to end. Originally from South America, Mafe moved to Australia to study, following in the footsteps of her siblings.

Intrigued by the prospects of engaging industry placement opportunities, Mafe embarked on her studies with BMIHMS at Torrens University. Living on campus at BMIHMS provides Mafe with more than just a convenient place to live. It provides a supportive, community environment, that encourages students to take advantage of every opportunity and make the most of their university experience.

Studying with BMIHMS sees students wearing a corporate uniform, with pride, on campus during the working day. Ensuring students are accustomed to the high level of professionalism expected from the hotel and event management industry when they enter the workplace.

“Observing the high standards of grooming on campus has boosted my sense of self,” says Mafe. I feel like a professional in my uniform and confident I am prepared for the industry”.

Together with facilitating an enriching campus culture, BMIHMS supports students like Mafe with their hands-on training, by generating opportunities to orchestrate college events. In conjunction with her studies, Mafe has assisted in the planning, production and execution of student run events, like banquets and Leura Campus’ Open Days.

Mafe explains, “As part of my course, I am able to put my learning into practice by helping plan and coordinate campus events. We are given real budgets and timelines to adhere to and we must plan accordingly”.

In preparation for her industry placement, Mafe was proactive in her efforts to gain tangible experience. She was successful in gaining an Events Ambassador role, which included working at the Nesuto Leura Gardens Resort. The Nesuto Leura Gardens Resort operated by BMIHMS at Torrens University, offers students a unique opportunity to learn and apply their practical learning in an operational hotel with guest and clients.

A popular destination for weddings and conferences, students are trained in 5-star customer service. The initiative exposes students, like Mafe, to an active and realistic events planning environment. Under the expert guidance of the Event Manager, Mafe assisted in the planning and setting up of various resort events in a small team.

“On my first day of the initiative I decorated a bridal suite,” says Mafe. Working and interacting with real clients, deadlines and briefs has been amazing. The guests are also quite receptive to this initiative being part of our learning and professional training”.

Mafe is currently completing her first 600 hour industry placement for her bachelor degree. Not one to do things halfheartedly, Mafe is working as an Events Intern in Sydney, whilst also gaining additional experience at Sheraton on the Park.

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