Tammy Koh – A prospective BMIHMS student

It’s not often we are able to interview a student prior to arriving on campus. Tammy Koh, lives in Singapore and BMIHMS is looking forward to meeting her when she arrives in Australia to start studying at Leura Campus in January 2017. Marketing Ambassador Brandon White asked Tammy a few questions, these are her answers . . .


How did you hear about BMIHMS at Torrens University?

When I was deciding between what courses I should pursue at university, I went to talk to my school career advisor. I knew I was interested in hospitality and she recommended BMIHMS to me. Coincidentally, I also managed to talk to students who studied with BMIHMS at Torrens University. The school came well recommended.

Why did you choose BMIHMS at Torrens University as a starting point in your educational journey?

I decided on BMIHMS at Torrens University as the school had a good balance of both practical and theoretical learning. I love the idea of the Leura Campus being a simulated hotel for students in which students can role-play as both guest and staff.

Do you have any prior hospitality experience?

Yes, I started off my hospitality career as a Food and Beverage Maître at The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.  I love being the first point of contact, everyone’s first impression started with me and although this job was fun it comes with much responsibility. I enjoyed getting to know the guest better and delivering to them a home away from home experience. I learnt that going the extra mile for the guest also brought me great satisfaction. Service is all about putting the needs of your guest above your own.


I am currently working as a sales intern at the iconic Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. This is a completely different role to my first, mostly back of house and away from guests. I assist management in the quoting of room rates, answering customer enquiries, sales site inspections as well as client visits and making of contracts. These opportunities help me to see a different side of sales and experience firsthand how the managers interact and build relationship with the clients.

I was fortunate to spend two months with the front office team in addition to my regular hours to get a better understanding of what they do and to connect how the business runs as a whole. I spent most of time in guest services however I could try being on the desk and it was indeed an eye-opening experience seeing how the front desk agents deal with the guest while running on almost 100% occupancy every day. There were even days when occupancy rates were 101%!

What are your expectations and what do you hope to achieve studying with BMIHMS?

I’m looking forward to meeting new people and to know more people from different cultures and backgrounds. I also definitely want to broaden my experience and gain a more holistic view on the hospitality industry. Academically, I wish to further my theory knowledge about the hospitality industry and to excel in my studies.


Have you travelled to Sydney or Leura before? If so, how was the experience?

Yes, I have travelled to both Sydney and Leura. I travelled to Leura last year with my family and I enjoyed a 4-day stay in the Blue Mountains. Although it was a small and quiet town, everyone was friendly and it was such a beautiful community of people!

I took a Leura Campus tour and learnt loads of information about the school and we enjoyed our time there. It was amazing to be able to see how school life was like and we even met students who were on campus that day!

What are your future plans upon graduating?

I aspire to have a long-term career in the hospitality industry. I hope to be able to create unforgettable memories for my guests, beyond the hotel doors. Currently I am interested in working for the Ritz Carlton as I like their values and culture. In an ideal world life would take me to Melbourne; I would love to be in the opening team for the Ritz Carlton in 2020. But till then I have 2.5 years at the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School to look forward to.

Tammy starts in January 2017, for more information about BMIHMS at Torrens University courses visit https://www.bluemountains.edu.au/

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