The Top 3 International Hotels to Work For in 2019

Are you building your career in the international hotel industry, but you’re not sure which companies are going to offer you the best deal?

Whether you’re a seasoned employee or fresh out of hotel school, it’s essential to choose a workplace that’s going to work for you. Luckily, there are already surveys out there assessing your potential employers on exactly these criteria.

Every year, Fortune releases a list of the top 100 companies to work for. This list is a direct product of research by independent consultants Great Place to Work ®. To reach their findings, they received anonymous surveys by more than 4.3 million employees.

The respondents answered 60 questions covering topics such as trust in managers, compensation, fairness, camaraderie and workplace traits linked to innovation.

The results?

It seems like you’ve picked the right industry to work in, because not only do hotels feature on this list in a big way, they’ve come in at #1 and #5!

So, what are the top 3 international hotels for employees in 2019, according to Fortune?

#1 Hilton Worldwide Holdings

Hilton has consistently scored well in the Forbes list but this year it reached a new high, coming in at #1, not just above all other hotels but above all other companies! 96% of employees at Hilton say it’s a great place to work. This is not just a win for Hilton; it’s a win for the industry. So, what are they doing so well?

Chris Nassetta was taken on as CEO in 2007, and as it turned out, this was a great decision. Nassetta’s focus quickly turned towards employee satisfaction. He began a program of ‘promoting from within’ to create incentives, and created a ‘Team Member Appreciation Week’ every May.

In one anecdote told to Fortune, he even tried on a housekeeper’s jacket, found it ‘too heavy… uncomfortable, and not very flexible,’ and promptly began a partnership with Under Armour (sports apparel) to redesign lighter, more comfortable work wear.

Every new employee, no matter what their job, is now encouraged to consider where in the company they would like to progress, as early as the first interview. This invites employees to view themselves as valued part of the company, rather than just a cog in the wheel.

As a result of this engagement effort, 96% of employees say, ‘I am treated as a full member here regardless of my position,’ and 98% report feeling welcome as soon as they joined the company.

Plus, the focus on promoting from within has helped the company to expand, and retain good talent. Being good to people is good business, too. Hilton now employs 58,000 team members at more than 4,600 hotels across a portfolio of 13 brands.

#2 Marriot International

Coming in at #31 on the Fortune list, Marriot is the second hotel to feature overall. A generous 86% of employees say that this is a great place to work, which is no mean feat. Actually, Marriot has appeared on the list every year since it started being published!

One area in particular where Marriot does well is diversity. It has an inclusive hiring policy, and as a result, women and minorities make up 54% and 65% of its workforce, respectively. They also score higher than average when it comes to the breakdown of women on boards, at 29% (compared to the industry average of 18%.

Another reason employees like working there is their raft of employee benefits, which they call their ‘Take Care’ program.

All employees have access to ‘MyARL’, which includes twenty-four hour counseling, as well as referrals for everything from legal help to childcare. Plus, employees can learn new skills such as ‘Communication Across Cultures’ using the ‘myLearning Business Skills Library’ online.

#3 Hyatt

Hyatt snuck in just after Marriot on the Fortune list at #32 this year. They have featured on the list in various rankings over the previous six years, demonstrating some pretty consistent employee satisfaction. Hyatt has also received a number of other awards in this area, including:

• America’s Best Employers For Diversity – Forbes
• 2018 Best Workplaces for Women – FORTUNE and Great Place to Work ®
• Best Workplaces in the UAE – Great Place to Work UAE ®
• 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials – FORTUNE
• The Best Employers for New Grads – Forbes
• Best Company to Work For in Greater China – Great Place to Work ®

Last year, Hyatt introduced several landmark innovations to attract new talent and further their corporate social responsibility. In early October, Hyatt announced RiseHY, a global commitment to hire 10,000 young people (aged 16 to 24) who are not in school or working, by 2025.

In December, they also launched their ‘Global Day of Gratitude’ initiative, where guests are encouraged to send a postcard from Hyatt hotels for free, to express gratitude to someone in their life.

They offer a range of services and perks to employees, including access to ‘Saba Cloud,’ a free online skills development program, and a global family assistance policy, providing paid parental leave and even financial help to new families.

They offer a range of services and perks to employees, including access to ‘Saba Cloud,’ a free online skills development program, and a global family assistance policy, providing paid parental leave and even financial help to new families.

It seems like all their hard work is paying off, because 91% of employees say, ‘they have special and unique benefits working there.’

While these three are the top on the Fortune list for 2019, they’re by no means the only international hotels doing the right thing by their staff.

• A special call out has to go to InterContinental Hotels Group, which has the highest rate of women on boards in the world, at 40%.

• Luxury, boutique company Kimpton Hotels offers all employees a comprehensive wellness program, paid parental leave and even pet insurance for all staff. They also feature on the Fortune list.

• Four Seasons is another regular feature on the Fortune list, and is notable for it’s generous staff incentive program. Employees who work hard receive cash or trips abroad!

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