Timothy Cannon: MBA of International Hotel Leadership

Timothy Cannon may have just begun his journey with us at the Blue Mountains School of International Hotel Management, but he’s already had a diverse career. He worked in the hospitality industry for almost two decades, across some exciting locations, before he decided it was time to up-skill.

I have worked in the Hospitality Industry for almost 20 years. During this time I have been privileged to live and work in a number of locations, including Aspen Colorado in the USA, through to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne within Australia. Like many in the industry, I greatly enjoy traveling and exploring new experiences around the world.

I am currently studying an MBA of International Hotel Leadership, which I commenced at the beginning on 2019.

An MBA of International Hotel Leadership is more than just a qualification: it teaches new ways of thinking.

This new, online MBA is for hotel leaders who want to take the next step into their hotel management career. The course content is built around input from some of the top CEOs of the international hotels that have long-standing industry partnerships with BMIHMS.

They’ve shared their insights and experience, to help professionals like Timothy prepare for senior leadership roles.

Naturally, I wanted to gain an international recognised MBA qualification. But, I was also looking forward to challenging my current knowledge and understanding, in addition to learning new concepts and skills that will assist me in my career.

I had been considering completing an MBA for some time, however I had not found a provider that facilitated the program in a way that would work with my needs. Then, a colleague informed me about the new MBA program offered by BMIHMS.

The course is super flexible, enabling you to study while continuing to work in your career. You can enrol in a ‘six week course’, meaning you study just one subject at a time, and you can complete the course from anywhere in the world!

I looked into it further, and I found that the structure and subjects aligned with what I was looking for. Plus, I would have the flexibility to complete the program in my personal time, and with subjects to compliment my working experience.

Tim is now studying work-relevant content, in an online format that suits his busy lifestyle.

To date, we have focused on the psychology and research relating to effective leadership and organisational culture. This is something that I personally have really enjoyed.

All assessments of the MBA of International Hotel Leadership are project based, and course content is based off ‘real world’ examples.

Your assessment projects can be applied directly to your workplace, so there’s no separation between learning on the job, and in the digital classroom.

I find the content very interesting and applicable to my current role. Furthermore I’ve been reflecting on how what I’m learning about has influenced my career to date, and how it will influence my career in the future.

I am studying full-time and online. This structure has been flexible and customisable to my personal requirements. However I will emphasise that doing full-time study whilst working full-time requires strong self-discipline. You have to work hard to keep up to speed with the course requirements.

All of the team at BMIHMS have been very supportive, and Dr. Richard Stejer has been an excellent facilitator.

Tim’s hopes for the future?

To reach my full potential!

If you’re a hotel professional and, like Timothy, you’re thinking of taking the next step to reach your full potential, you might want to know more about the MBA of International Hotel Leadership at BMIHMS.

Find out more information about the course here, or contact one of our helpful student support staff directly, and they’ll answer any of your questions.

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