A Day in the Life — Nicholas Lee


Executive Assistant Resort Manager

7.30am My day starts early on Hamilton Island, with much to do before the start of our guests’ day. I try to keep each visit prompt to ensure that the day runs smoothly. Once I arrive at work, my first mission is to collect the resort’s daily information sheet. I touch base with the Resort Duty Manager about any issues 
that may have occurred the night before. I prefer to do this face-to-face.

7.40am: Inspect the Long Pavilion (breakfast restaurant) setup and staffing.

7.50am: Inspect kitchen to ensure all is ready for the forthcoming meals.

8am: Review emails. This will help me to plan out my day, so I remain on track for meetings and any arrivals that we should expect on the island.

8.15am: Daily operations meeting, all Qualia head of departments attend 
or their representatives. We keep this meeting concise, however the regularity keeps issues to a minimum.

9.15am: Inspect Pebble Beach Restaurant and pool setup, followed by the Spa Qualia.

10am: The key part of the day begins when guests are greeted either for 
arrival or departure in the Long Pavilion.

Upon arrival at Qualia, the guests are greeted with a glass of Charles Heidsieck champagne and personally welcomed by the general manager or myself. There is no reception desk involved in the check-in process. All guests are seated in lounges and a host will come and join them.

During this time I will go back to the guests and offer them a further warm welcome. I may spend between 10 to 20 minutes with each guest. I am able to gather great insights into what guests are looking for during their stay and also take this opportunity to find out any personal details we may not already have. All guests, including VIPs (and we have many), check-in the same way, unless they request a private entry prior to arrival.

1pm: Check lunch service at Pebble Beach.

3pm: Meeting time; I try to set all my meetings in the afternoon after most arrivals have checked in.

5pm: Check Long Pavilion and Pebble Beach are ready for dinner service.

5.30pm: We have management drinks with the guests (Thursdays). I watch 
the sunset over the Whitsunday Islands while drinking/talking to some of our amazing guests.

6.30pm: Final outlet check for dinner service.

7.30pm: Home time with family.

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