Student Fees

Details of course fees and the potential earnings achievable for students during their industry placements are outlined in the link below.

Fee Schedule: Domestic Students


Australian citizens ready to study at BMIHMS are able to apply for immediate assistance with their tuition fees through the Federal Government’s FEE-HELP loan scheme.

New Zealand students will now have eligibility for all loans under the HELP scheme providing they are a Special Category Visa holder who:

  • first entered Australia as a dependent minor aged under 18 years at least 10 years before applying for HELP;
  • have been physically present in Australia for at least eight of the previous 10 years at the time of application for HELP;
  • have been physically present in Australia for at least 18 months out of the last two years at the time of application for HELP

For more information on FEE-HELP, please visit

2020 FEES

Tuition Cost Calculator

This tool provides an easy way to calculate the approximate net cost of a BMIHMS degree. It also takes into consideration the potential earnings from part-time work and Industry Placement.

The calculator consists of just four questions. Please note that all estimates and figures are approximate and the result should be used as a guide only.

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I will study a...

I intend to work hours during each Industry Placement Tooltip
Tuition FeesTooltipLess Potential EarningsEstimated Net Tuition Cost

* All figures are stated in AUD. Potential earnings is based on AUD$18.29 per hour (gross minimum wage before tax) for the number of IP hours selected plus any part-time work. Minimum wages outlined in the National Workplace Relations system are reviewed by Fair Work Australia annually.  Figures are correct at time of publication but fees and earnings are subject to change.

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Domestic students have no limit to the hours they can work part-time provided their work does not interfere with their studies. International students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week on their student visa. One academic term is 10 weeks.


Students have the possibility to do more IP hours than required (600 hours for the Bachelor of Business and 760 hours for the Master of International Hotel Management degree for each placement) and on average undergraduate and postgraduate students work 800 hours on each IP.


This figure is tuition fees only. Living costs, text books, uniform, overseas health cover and tools of the trade are not included. For undergraduates living on campus in Leura is compulsory for four terms and a room and board package applies. For undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at the Sydney Campus and postgraduate students studying at the Melbourne Campus living costs are the responsibility of the student.



All students must purchase the required course textbooks for their studies. For your convenience, these can either be purchased in hardcopy or electronic e-book versions.

Details for purchasing textbooks are provided by the BMIHMS team during orientation week. E-book charges are integrated into the term fee invoicing process.

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