BMIHMS Partners with Torrens University Australia

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In partnership with Torrens University Australia (TUA), students of Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) studying the Master of Global Business Management (GBM) will have the opportunity to study the Chifley Business School of Torrens University Australia’s Master of Business Administration (MBA).

BMIHMS GBM students who choose to enrol in the MBA will need to complete just six additional units online, and will graduate with both degrees within a two year period. Students also have the option to enrol in the MBA at any time during their GBM and study at their own pace, giving them greater flexibility in completing their degrees.

BMIHMS COO, Jerome Casteigt, said:

“We’re delighted to announce this new offering for current and prospective students. This is a unique opportunity for students to add to the already strong education they are in the process of obtaining here at BMIHMS.

This is an opportunity for students to extend their business, management and leadership skills and qualifications in both the hospitality and general business industries.

“Receiving a Master degree from the Number 1 Hotel Management School in the Asia Pacific region and an MBA from Torrens University Australia will undoubtedly give students a unique competitive advantage after graduation,” he noted.

He noted that the team at BMIHMS was constantly looking at new ways to improve course offerings for students.

“It’s incredibly important to us that our students graduate with the best possible opportunities available to them.

“Graduating with both a GBM and MBA will equip students with invaluable skills as they begin to enter the workforce, giving them the best chance possible to secure those highly sought after roles in the hospitality industry that they have worked so hard towards,” he said.

The MBA at BMIHMS provides an international business management qualification that enhances business acumen for the global hospitality and/or services organisation mindset. The two-year degree is undertaken at the BMIHMS Sydney Campus.

The Chifley Business College MBA at TUA is designed to help students develop strong business acumen which will help them to lead people, teams and businesses and enhance their career prospects.

BMIHMS and TUA are both part of Laureate International Universities, the world’s leading higher education provider, comprised of 80 universities across 29 countries. Laureate’s extensive network of campus-based and online universities offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs to over 1,000,000 students around the world.

Applications for the dual degree are now open, with the first intake commencing on 14 September. BMIHMS students will also benefit from very advantageous pricing.

For more information about the dual offering download the FAQ’s here.

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