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After completing his first industry placement in Singapore, Ezekial Yeo opted for a location that was a little more tranquil to complete his second placement. Located in the picturesque Whitsunday Islands, Hamilton Island is just what Ezekial was looking for – white beaches, blue water, rainforests and the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

Ezekial’s decision to call Hamilton Island home for his second industry placement may have been one based on lifestyle, but his choice of property was one of strategy. Nearing the end of his 2.5 year degree with BMIHMS at Torrens University, Ezekial knew that his second industry placement could very well turn into a graduate position upon completion of his final six-months on campus in Sydney.

There is one property that stands out from the rest on Hamilton Island, and for all the right reasons… we are of course talking about the one and only Qualia Resort.

Exekial says, “I see myself developing and contributing my skills and time with the company in the years ahead”.

Ezekial has the pleasure of calling this stunning property home for six-months whilst completing his placement.

Qualia Resort is a property like no other! Boasting 60 luxurious private pavilions, guests have all the trimmings one would expect at a boutique luxury resort – infinity pool, bars, restaurants and spa. But what takes Qualia to the next level is its very own yacht club! Yes, you read correctly, very own yacht club. Guests can also access the 18-hole championship golf course located on nearby Dent Island, or take a private helicopter tour of the surrounding reefs.

Qualia is the place that dreams are made of.

Staying true to his motto – “If you want something, work hard and you will achieve it – there are no shortcuts.”, Ezekial says he is flexible with the roles he works in.

“I will keep my eyes open for opportunities, even if it means changing roles [departments]. As long as I am learning and my work is challenging, I am open to any opportunities that come along.”

Good luck Ezekial! We look forward to hearing about the rest of your placement when you return.

All undergraduate degrees require students to complete two six-month industry placements. In addition to applying what they have learnt in the classroom and gaining valuable work experience, students are encouraged to undertake a placement that could see them securing a graduate position. Many students finish their final exam already knowing they have a graduate role waiting for them.


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