Five Reasons to Study at BMIHMS

When you are planning for your future, you need to look beyond simple conveniences. When it comes to selecting Tertiary Education, sometimes you need to look past elements like onsite accommodation, break-out spaces and stunning views (which, regardless, you will find at our Leura Campus). But in addition to this, we encourage you to look at the bigger picture; what benefits can BMIHMS provide for you that will propel your career and what will make you feel like you have received the very best in Hotel and Event Management education

We have listed our 5 most important reasons to study and BMIHMS and found the inside scoop from our wonderful Campus & Hotel Director, Melinda J. McLeod.

1) Facilities that serve a greater purpose.

Here at BMIHMS, we have some fantastic facilities to enhance student life. But aside from wonderful common rooms, social spaces and on-campus dining, we place an emphasis on simulating real-life industry situations and experiences. Ms McLeod expressed that the unique learning environment, along with the simulation of a hotel, are both amazing features. But it is the diverse and accepting nature of the students and staff that make the experience in these facilities so authentic. She said,
“Our facilities align with the practicality of the real world, it prepares the student, grows their confidence, enables skills and reinforces language used in the industry. The student can hit the ground running and they are industry ready.”

2) Course content that is relevant and interesting.

Our staff is made up of experienced and renowned lecturers and educators, who not only impart their specialised experiences to the students but also refine and develop course content in order to push students to the next level of their education and training. The classes are interactive, practical and industry relevant. Ms McLeod stated,

“It’s about the head, the heart and the hand. It’s not just one aspect; education should encompass and improve the whole person, not just one part.”

We asked Ms McLeod about her favourite content being taught as part of the courses at the moment and she expressed that there is a significant emphasis on sustainability, which interests her greatly.

“…We need to continue to look after our environment to ensure businesses can successfully operate in all conditions. Future generations will want to see that this is a part of everyday life, yet we still have a way to go in the industry.”

3) Real opportunities that help to build strong industry connections.

One of the biggest opportunities at BMIHMS is the unbeatable experience of your Industry Placement. This placement is the chance to build your personal brand, build industry connections and relationships of your own. You get to experience different areas of hospitality management to see what works best for you. The whole time you are away on placement you will feel the support of an entire army of BMIHMS graduates around you. Ms McLeod spoke about the Industry Placement and the change she sees in students when they return.

“Industry Placement aligns with the practicality of the real world, it prepares the student, grows their confidence and enables skills. A student can hit the ground running and feel industry ready. They return confident and excited. They have seen first-hand that there is loads of opportunity within the industry and the experience really does mature them”.

4) The value of personal and professional experiences.

We are not just talking about experience in the workplace now. But rather, worldly experiences. It is common now that people are selecting careers and courses that will all them to travel internationally. At BMIHMS you will become part of an industry and will send you to all the corners of the world – even for your industry placement!

“You meet people from some 30 different countries; your cohort is globally far-reaching and by the end, you will know everyone and then, as they say, the ‘world is your oyster’”.

As we spoke to Ms McLeod we felt the genuine emphasis on the great experiences that BMIHMS students gain. She advises for students to “…fully embrace the experience, listen, participate in all campus activities. Meet your fellow students from different countries and utilise the support services at the campus”.

5) Legacy and Impressions of BMIHMS students.

BMIHMS graduates take something with them into the industry which is invaluable….Pride.
The connection made by our students in the time that they study with us becomes the skeleton in which they build their professional network. Moreover, our graduates leave an impactful, commanding and positive impression wherever they go. Many properties acknowledge and acclaim the incredible quality and high standing our the BMIHMS graduates. The legacy of our past students now paves the way for our new students who continue to bring honour and pride to BMIHMS name. When asking Ms McLeod about the legacy and impressions of a BMIHS student her answer was simple.

“We receive impressive feedback. You can pick a BMIHMS student from a distance; they are confident, professional and eager. They just stand out.”

Each person who graduates from BMIHMS leaves knowing that they are connected to a loyal family of professionals; to a network that will only ever want to see them succeed and that will be forever ready to assist them years after they have left.

If you are ready to be part of this incredible legacy there is only one thing left for you to do…get in touch with our friendly team.




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