Follow Your Passion and You Will Be Rewarded

Like most young adults, when Yu KANG graduated from high school he wasn’t entirely sure what the future held for him, or the type of career he wanted to have. One thing that Yu was certain of though, was that he loved people. And whatever he did in life, it would be much more enjoyable if he was working in a place where he could meet new people and help make their lives better.

Commencing his university studies, Yu was still uncertain of what he truly wanted to do. Options that were top of mind included teaching or hospitality. So, he enrolled in an arts degree majoring in hospitality and tourism. During his first year of university, Yu quickly discovered that he enjoyed playing American Football, and was quite good at the team sport. He even made the Chinese national team! Life was pretty fun.

But for Yu, he knew that he wanted more. He wanted to follow his passion and seek out a serious career. Fortunately, during a guest lecture at his university Yu met Mr Deng, a renown hotelier who had worked all over the world. One piece of advice he gave was that if students wanted to be serious about their career in hospitality, they should consider studying overseas at an internationally recognised hotel management school. One where they could gain practical skills and seek out new work opportunities.

Yu says, “I knew that I didn’t want to be like others, and graduate after four years studying at university, and still not really know what I wanted to do with my life. I knew that I wanted to follow my passion, even if it was in contrast to what everyone else was doing around me.”

When asked what prompted him to follow his passion for people and hospitality, Yu simply responded, “opportunity”.

“Working in hotels is a great way to work and experience living in different parts of the world.

“And hospitality is a great career choice because you can easily move into more corporate roles. Even if you start out working on the front desk of a hotel, or as a food and beverage attendant, this doesn’t mean you cannot work in another department. You can easily change into other roles, such as sales, marketing or even human resources.”

The hospitality industry is one filled with opportunity. It is growing at such a rate, not just in China, but around the world, including Australia, making the demand for hospitality professionals high.

“For those of us who are studying for a career in hotels, this growth presents a huge opportunity for us to excel quickly, as the demand for quality managers and experienced staff will only continue to grow at a rapid pace.” Yu says.

Fueling his desire for new experiences, Yu began researching countries where he could study and identifying prestigious hotel management schools. Options included studying in Australia, America and Europe. Two things that were high on Yu’s agenda when researching his options were reputation and university qualification.

Yu says, “Reputation is everything!”

Particularly for parents, they want to know that their children are studying at a reputable school, which offers a qualification that is recognised internationally and by the Chinese government.  

As a country, Australia always had its appeal – clean air, pristine beaches and ever evolving cities – and one that more and more tourists are visiting each year. The more Yu researched, Australia seemed perfect. Once Yu learned that completing a bachelor degree in Australia made him eligible to remain living and working in the country on a two-year post study work visa, Australia became an even more attractive destination to study.

After evaluating the various study options that Yu had, it was clear to him that only one university could offer him the qualification and experience that he was after. And that was the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) at Torrens University Australia. Ranked by leaders and managers in the industry as the number one hotel management in Australia and Asia-Pacific (Kantar 2020), BMIHMS was the right choice for Yu.

“Simply by studying at the number one hotel management school [in APAC], you are already held in high regard by employers in the industry. Employers know that if you have graduated from BMIHMS you have been trained to the highest standard”, said Yu.

Specifically, the things that appealed to Yu about studying with BMIHMS was the unique structure of the degree, allowing students to complete the bachelor of business degree in 2.5 years. Balanced with business theory and applied training in food and beverage, and front office operations.

Included in the fast-tracked study schedule is two six-month paid Industry Placements, where students gain relevant work experience – applying what they have learned in the classroom. An opportunity that allows them to make valuable industry connections and build an impressive resume. When not on placement, Yu can also work up to forty hours per fortnight, allowing him to gain more experience and earn an income.

He says, “The knowledge and people skills you gain from the school are what set you apart from others working in the industry.”

For Yu, the decision to follow his passion and study internationally has been one that has given him so much more than just an education. He has been able to experience living in a completely new country, perfect his English and explore numerous cities – all whilst making professional connections and friends. But most importantly, Yu has been able to accelerate his career in hotel management.

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