What happens when an engaging CEO visits Blue Mountains Sydney Campus to speak to their students.


Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) at Torrens University regularly brings leaders of the hospitality industry to its students. Now in its second year, the BMIHMS Leadership Speakers Series (LSS) welcomed Rachel Argaman, CEO TFE Hotels to the BMIHMS Sydney Campus, to participate in a Q&A style conversation with students.  Below is a summary of the questions BMIHMS students asked Rachel on 9 November, 2016. The full interview can be viewed on YouTube.

Q (students): What traits do you look for in young leaders?

A: To ask this question you have to ask yourself – what do leaders do? I could give you a long answer but the short answer is that ‘leaders lead’. What this means is that they understand their role and they do it with confidence. They are goal-orientated people who inspire shared vision, encourage the heart and execute it. They make decisions. TFE looks for calm confidence. People that understand the role that they’ve been given, know the goals associated with it, are working to deliver them and can articulate that; these should be the people that make decisions. Articulate the gap and decide on a course of action.

Q (students): Best piece of advice you can give students?

A: This is a bit of a philosophical answer I know, but I would encourage you to go outside your comfort zone. Take opportunities and volunteer to give yourself the chance to play to your strengths. Back yourself; you are as good as anyone else.  Work can seem so big and mystifying to start with, but if you get out there and ask the people around you questions, you will find out what makes them successful. Step forward and be counted: if you start taking responsibilities, before you know it you will have the title.

Q (students): Education verses experience, which do you favour?

A: Well, both! Education is obviously important and experience in itself is important, but personality plays a role too. In an interview situation your passion and personality are going to be the deciding factors.

Q (Students): Have you ever regretted being part of this industry?

NEVER! I am thankful for being part of the hospitality industry and I genuinely believe that this industry is full of the best people, people that are passionate about life and interested in learning and living. I am lucky to be part of creating change and memorable, hallmark experiences for people.

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