Hilton Executive Planning Day at BMIHMS

25 March 2015

BMIHMS Leura Campus hosts Hilton’s Team

Hilton Executive Planning Day TeamBMIHMS were proud to host the staff planning day of Graduate Privileged  Partner, Hilton at our Leura campus. The event provided the opportunity for the Hilton team to use our custom designed campus facilities, and work on future organisational items. Notably, two BMIHMS alumni,  Laurencia Dielia, Finance Manager (3 from right) a senior member of the Hilton team and guest speaker Mr Andreas Breitfuss Head of Catering and Hospitality Services – ANZ Stadium were in attendance.

The Hilton team got to see how our campus really operates, with our students delivering their hospitality experience at lunch in our student operated food and beverage outlets.


Fiona Calabrese, Director – Human Resources, Hilton Sydney on behalf of the Hilton Executive kindly highlighted: “My colleagues commented on the appearance and behaviour of the students and had only highly positive feedback about the day.  Once again thank you for your support and for opening your facility for us to experience. I look forward  to continuing to work strongly with the school to support students in our industry and strengthening our productive partnership. 

The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management team wishes to thank everyone at Hilton for using our campus facilities, we hope they enjoyed their hospitality experience, and it was a productive day for the team.



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