Leadership Speaker Series: Caspar Schmidt – Making a Dent in the Hotel Universe

The first installment of BMIHMS’s Leadership Speaker Series (LSS) for 2018 started off with a lead panelist who has had made his mark across the hotel industry in Australia, America, New Zealand and Germany. Having worked across all departments from F&B Attendant and GSA, to Hotel GM and more recently Group Chief Operating Officer with Veriu Hotels & Suites – Australia’s newest lifestyle brand to enter the local market – Caspar Schmidt was the perfect candidate for our first LSS of the year.

Giving students studying leadership an insight into what their futures may look like for them, Caspar spoke about his own personal journey that has taken him across the globe, what he believes makes for a good manager and leader in this ever-evolving industry and where this new career chapter is going to take him. As an alumnus, it was particularly profound for Caspar to be speaking with students who are about to begin their own journeys – a position he was in all those years ago.

Originally from Denmark, Caspar moved to Australia in 1999 to study at BMIHMS. Since graduating, his career has provided him opportunity after opportunity to work all over the globe. He has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, most notably working for TFE Hotels in General Manager and Area Manager roles, with particular expertise in revenue management, food & beverage and talent development, before joining the Veriu brand.

Throughout the session, Caspar spoke about where his passion and start in the hospitality sector started, and how he came to study with BMIHMS in Australia. Of particular interest to the audience, was how Caspar entered into his first hotel general manager role at the age of twenty-six. Something many spend their twenties and thirties aspiring to. A common theme throughout the whole conversation was that networking is everything. Something that Caspar has continued to do throughout his career, giving him connections across the globe which have led to many of his success in one way or another. 

As a leader, Caspar is a firm believer in continually seeking to change and improve yourself, ensuring you impact the place you work and make it adaptable to change and to think of the business as your own.

Arguably the most topical element of the Q&A session was Caspar’s recent venture to join the Veiru tribe. As a lifestyle brand that is bespoke and nimble, this is a new chapter that Caspar is very excited to be a part of.

Watch the full interview with Caspar:

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