STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Emily Jones – Three Pillar Award Recipient

Red wine and strong coffee are two things that Emily Jones is very fond of. So how did her love for the two help her excel whilst studying an Event Management Degree with BMIHMS, and secure a job before completing her final exam? We caught up with Emily shortly after completing her exams to find out more.

What a year you have had Emily! Would you mind telling us a little about what you have been up to?

EJ – This year (2015), especially term 4, has been fantastic. I have been busy completing my final year of study. I have only just put the pen down from my final exam. In addition to my studies, I have been very involved with Coffee Time at the Sydney campus. At the beginning of the term I took over the day-to-day management. It has been a great experience being able to work with other students, getting to know them, and gaining a feel for what it would be like to run a small café.

To really top things off for this year, I was recently awarded the Three Pillar Award for Term 4, 2015. After being nominated, the selection committee chose me as the recipient as they felt I best met the criteria and theme, creating shared value.

Congratulations Emily! You have definitely finished your time with BMIHMS on a high note. For those readers who may now know a great deal about Coffee Time and what is involved, could you tell us a little more about your involvement with its operation?

EJ – Coffee Time is a student run and operated coffee shop. It is operated with a daily rotating roster. Students practice and refine their hands on skills, providing welcome pick me ups for both students and staff.

The team that I worked with included 6 supervisors and around 20 baristas. I had previously been involved with Coffee Time as a supervisor, but never thought I would end up running it.

Now that you have finished your studies, do you feel that being involved with Coffee Time has helped prepare you for your next chapter, as you start your career?

EJ – Coffee Time really allowed me to develop both professionally and personally. I had the perfect opportunity to step up and really see what I was capable of. I gained valuable management experience, and dealt with many different personality types. I was able to really improve my communication skills. The practical application of many of the things I had learnt in the classroom has really helped me, and will pay off now that I am heading into the workforce full-time.

You are obviously held in high regard by your both your peers, but also the staff at BMIHMS. This is evident by you being awarded the Three Pillar Award for term 4, 2015. Can you tell us what the selection criteria are and how you feel you meet them.

EJ – To be awarded the Three Pillar Award the student must excel in three key areas. There must be evidence that the person has grown professionally and personally, developed their practical skillset, and consistently achieved academically.

My involvement with Coffee Time helped me to meet the criteria, along with having consistent grades. Also, during my first year I was involved in the organisation and execution of a TEDx event in Leura.

Now that you are reaching graduation day, what are your plans for 2016 and beyond?

EJ – I will be returning to Shadow Fox Wines in Melbourne. I have taken a position in their Food and Beverage team. I completed my second industry placement with Shadowfax Wines, and was very pleased when I was given the opportunity to join the team again. I am also heading overseas next year, and will be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with my dad. Longer term I am quite keen to get into hospitality training, and possibly education. Maybe even HR.

You definitely have an exciting future ahead for you Emily, and we wish you all the best!


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